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Mellow Demos: May 25-27 in Paris, Brussels & Amsterdam

Hey all, my friend Ben Stein from Mellow asked me to throw a notification in places I lurk in case anyone is interested to do a test ride. He and Chris have been driving around Europe these past days attending promotional events and doing demos on the side.

Can anyone from Amsterdam suggest a nice spot?

25.05. - [F] Paris - Jardins du Trocadero (19h00 - 21h00)
near Eiffel Tower:

26.05. - [B] Brussels - Espace Léopold (19h00 - 21h00)

27.05. - [B] Amsterdam

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Musseumplein Amsterdam would be an ideal test spot. Its the place behind Rijksmuseum, where the “I AM AMSTERDAM” text is located. You get the spot, you get the crowd, you get the track as well as the landmark.

Red Light District!
( . ) ( . )

Prostitutes, are being implied right?

Museumplein is far away from there. Theres nothing fun at the red light district lol. Unless you are a customer with some pocket getting high and laid.

Someone else suggested in Vondelpark somewhere. Which would you say is best? A pedestrian zone which has areas that walkers traditionally leave to skaters or similar stuff would be great. Looks like Musseumplein is like that, when I see it on Google Earth.

vondelpark is just 200 meters away from museumplein

Are you interested in stopping by?