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Thats some good marketing! I have to admit that I think this product is going to be great.

I have to say I liked their origional metal design. But still a great product… water and dust proof… How do they keep the motors from over heating??

Just like any other hub motor, air cooling…

“fits on any board” According to Mellow drop decks don’t exist :wink:


Not that easy with a completely sealed motor.

They mentioned an adapter to make it work with drop through boards on their website. I’ll see if I can find it again

Was not speaking of a drop through. Anything that has a flat surface will mount fine, most drop throughs still have a flat surface and proper holes to do top mount or drop through, therefor yes would still work, throw a concave or a drop and it will no longer ‘fit any board’.

I like electric boards and hub motors especially but since they talk about how fuckig awesome they are I’m going to temper it with some reality.

Waterproof and dustproof…that’s great but means it’s sealed and with such small motors and no airflow it WILL get hot and limit continuous power.

Barely any rubber on that wheel


Surprised to see the hitler mustache and he says the brakes still work when fully charged? That’s the safety chapter. I hope so.

Regen? Not as much as the vesc I’ll bet

It’s easy to call your stuff great but how bout some real numbers.

Is this thing legal in Germany on the street? Are any of the commercial boards legal on the street because here in progressive California we’re not allowed over 20mph.

No, here in Germany, everything is Illegal to drive on official roads if it has no insurance and is not certified by the German TÜV / DEKRA.

“To sum it up, Mellow is just fucking awesome”, lol has to be the best ending quote ever. I also wonder how hot the motor gets when there is no cooling :open_mouth:

i dont want to go searching for long…does anyone have an exploded view of these motors?

IP65 waterproof certification it passed: Able to protect against water jets Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects. Test duration: at least 15 minutes Water volume: 12.5 litres per minute Pressure: 30 kPa at distance of 3 m

if you were to ride this through puddles like in the video, or be subjected to the ip65 water certification, your bearings wont like it. how easy is it to replace the bearings? pressed or slide? the same questions always. from the little I can see of the motors it looks to have the big inner bearing sitting on the same metal as the hanger… aluminum. the other bearing looks to be sitting on a typical 8mm steel skate axle. steel. If its got an aluminum shaft for the big bearing it must be a slide fit. I’m betting it’s a slide fittings all-round and some retaining fluid on the aluminum side of the big and the rotor side of the small!!! who’s betting?
the motor windings on the other hand could be made waterproof easily.

the pics have more rubber than the video. the rubber seems thicker on one side in the pics. 12x14 standard stator like 99 percent of us use. Jacobs are using double that i think.

on the website they also write about how it will still have brakes when the batteries are fully charged. Ive never heard of a board that didnt.

Anyone using the vesc, or regen brakes, which most eboards these days have, should not use the brakes when it’s fully charged. You could overcharge the battery if at 100% charge, you go down a hill with regen braking.

It’s more a trivial feature than anything. It would make sense for the esc to know what voltage is a max change, and instead of throwing that electricity created from braking into the battery, to throw it out so you don’t overcharge the battery. I’m betting this is what they mean by it still has brakes when fully charged. You always have brakes, but it’s not always best to use those brakes if using them could break your setup. I say it’s trivial though, cause if you know this is the case (you start on a big downhill that will pump lots of juice into your battery), under charger it a bit and you’ll be fine.

On the topic of bearings, I’m not sure how water proof ceramic bearings are, but I know they don’t rust like steel bearings when exposed to water. I bought a pair of the top of the line bones swiss ceramics (~$100 USD) 3 years ago for my normal skate deck. I have ran those things through puddles, and been caught in the rain with them, been through 100+ boards, and dozens of pairs of wheels, thousands and thousands of high impacts, and they are still just as good as the day I bought them. Good ceramic bearings last though anything, and I’m guessing they are using ceramic bearings.

haha I love the scientist guy! adds some humor to their otherwise serious safety section

Idk if it was intentional, but he kinda looks like Hitler…

I really love the idea of just taking a great piece of wood and making it a kind of electric skateboard platform. I could ride around with a cooler on it… Must try

4wd sounds awesome but damn expensive, really really expensive.

That dual breaking was a jab at boostedboard. You can damage battery if you have full charge and brake down a steep hill.

I’d heard that the vesc can do that as well but it’s not losing your brakes as they seem to be saying

Why aren’t they wearing helmets, looks like the falling is scripted too and they still don’t have helmets?

It advises wearing a helmet on the site.

@Mellow it’s great having you here telling us what you’ve been up to. I see u do have a two year warranty. What happens if someone were to try going up a mountain? If there isn’t a temp sensor in the motor isnt there the risk of someone overcooking it? Mellow how do you get around the 20mph and 1000 watts maximum laws as on your site it states it will do 24mph? All the other complete board companies do this as well. It seems no one is enforcing.

Do you state a peak wattage?