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Memorial Day Sale: $20 Shipped 5s 4000mah Lipos @ Common Sense RC

Assembled in “brick” form
Assembled in “stick” form

I’d buy 4 for a 10s 8000mah battery, but I already have 40 HE4 cells to assemble :scream:

Someone buy these before I do.

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is this place reliable ??? could i use these with two vescs and 200kv motoros???

is the c rating too low ??? i feel for some reason it is

Idk, c rating looks good, and I’ve bought from this store a few times without any issues.

@ecuadorche I would connect two of these in parallel for a higher continuous discharge since you are using two motors.

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i was hoping to do 10s with these batteries is this parallel or series???

whats their return policy???

What is the difference between 5s2p and 5s1p batteries? Does that just mean its 2 batteries in parallel? Is there a downside to this?

Closest thing to a return policy I could find on their site:

“What do I do if an item is received damaged?
If the item appears to have obvious shipping damage, immediately tell the UPS driver or USPS delivery person that you do not want to accept the package. If a package looks partially damaged, you can tell the driver to wait and open it to make sure the contents are not damaged If the damaged package was left or someone else signed for it, call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS (1800-742-5877) to report the damage or go to to submit a damaged shipment claim. Obtain a control number from UPS and email Common Sense RC customer service at [email protected]. We will file a damage claim on our side and keep track of the claim for you. Allow around 5-7 business days for the claim to be settled. Exchange or refund will be processed for you as quickly as possible.”

They also have a battery warranty registration link on their website but they dont have any guidelines for it so I am pretty confused too.

It looks like the balance lead is not soldered on the stick style battery. I know positive goes to positive and negative to negative but do the other 3 wires need to be in order? Would I need a voltage meter for this to figure out the cell order?

i went ahead and ordered some i really hope the leads are soldered for balancing obviously i couldnt ask since they arent open on weekend so i placed an order with instructions to call me before shipping so we will see

They responded to me and the balance leads are in fact connected, the picture is just misleading.

Can I charge these batteries with a imax b6? They are 5s2p so I don’t know if that’s too much for the imax to balance.

Today is the last day of the deal.

How are the lipos?

i dont know yet they look okay so far im waiting on other parts to arrive so far the look of them is weird they arent shrink wrapped they are covered in this hard like plastic and you can see the side of the cells hopefully they will be good enough for my board