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Yeah, kind of wondering too where the Trampa motors are made?

Boosted has custom 5045 (190kv i think), and evolve has some custom kv 5065 motors (150kv)

BOOSTED motor 5745 china GuangZhou EVOLVE motor 5065 china ShenZhen

Their motors don’t last years to begin with.


I guess it depends but people here use Maytech motors all the time (same with my builds) and they have been good for > 1000 miles so far.

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You can use any battery. Top speed is influenced by many factors, use http://calc.esk8.it/ to see what you will get based on battery S count, motor KV, pulley and wheel sizes.

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All of those companies use different sized motors.

Evolve uses Racerstar motors. They are solid motors that can last a long time(i personally have some with thousands of miles). I have at least 8 of them, and none have ever broken, not even an issue. My original Evolve motors from 2017 are still on a friends build to this day.

This is the exact motor they use:

Depending on your needs, you can also buy the higher KV version(200kv)(less torque, higher top speed):


So the Racestar motor is 56 Dollar and the maytech around 120 Dollar.

Should mean maytech is way better overall in quality and reliability etc etc???

I would not spend that money on May…I think Fiori is right…

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Here is a PM convo myself and @ChristianT had. Just wanted to post it here incase it helps anyone else in the future:

Thank you so much Fiori!!!

This is already super helpful for me.

If it´s okay I would ask you another question: Is maytech and racestar about the same quality? I mean maytech motor is about 120 Dollar and the Racestar version only 56 Dollar… That´s a big gap… Should mean the maytech are far better?

Best regards and thank you for you help !!


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No problem man.

There is no real way to compare which one is “better”. The way we usually decide which motor is “stronger” is by its stator size(5065, 6374, 6355 are the most common sizes). However, over time the community has found there are many other things other than size that contribute to overall power output( “better”).

The racerstar I sent you links to is a 5065 motor. The racerstar 5065 has proven to have the same(or close to it) power output as similar common(maytech) 5065 motors. I personally have never done a side by side test(pretty sure nobody here has made a post about doing it either). However, a Maytech 6374(larger) motor will obviously have more power, because well… its a bigger motor.

TLDR: If you are looking for a 5065 motor the racerstar is a great motor for the price. If you are looking for a larger motor Maytech(6374, or 6355) seems to be the way to go.

EDIT: Here is a photo comparing a 5065 motor and a 6374 motor:




Woah Fiori thank you so much. I didn´t expect such a detailed answer!!!

You 100% answered my question. This was really really helpful to me!

Now I am just wondering if it would be possible to make selfmade brushless outrunner. They don´t seem to be super complicated. Have you ever tried making your own?

I will go for the racestar I guess. If evolve has the same 140kv motor, and I tested a carbon and bamboo and they had enough power for my usage. By the way is the new model from evolve GTR also using still the same motor `?

Best regards and I really appreciate your answer and your help!




Yes its possible, people have built their own from scratch. People have even taken apart motors and rewound them to a custom kv. I encourage you to check out the Hummie threads on this forum. He built his own hub motors from scratch(and is selling them).

I can’t say for sure its the same motor(I haven’t seen one in person) but it appears exactly the same. If the evolve was plenty of power then you will be more than happy with the racer star motors. Evolve only runs 20 battery amps to each motor. Your dual motor diy will be capable of upwards of 50A per motor, giving you alot more torque.

GL with the build, don’t forget to keep us all updated with a build thread.

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