Messi going home to take up eSk8?

Looks like Messi may be heading home and have time to join in on eSk8. Congratulations Croatia and Euro friends.


Why is he going home ?

REALLY!!! You are kidding? They still have an outside shot but who would have thought a tie with Iceland and 3 goal loss to Croatia. The game was extremely physical with a lot of yellow cards thrown against Argentina. Looks like they need Iceland to loose to Nigeria to have a chance to move forward.

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Football was a lot better, nowadays there is more acting in football than in making a movie :dagger: still a good match because croatia won :smiley:


holy shit i didn’t watch the games today, that’s crazy. I’ve got my jersey out for Brazil tomorrow, still sad to see argentina potentially going home so early.

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I was rooting for Croatia today so I am happy


I do not watch soccer nor do I have any interest in the sport… however Ive been trying to watch some games and it’s not as bad as I remember. The flopping is still horrendous… I would normally root for USA but since they were unable to even secure an Invite, Ive picked two underdogs to follow…Go Mexico and Go Senegal!!!

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“football” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ex gf is croatian… I so wanted argentina to win


Germany is so bad this time :sweat:

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Yes their matches before the world cup were not great too. 4 years is a long time in football and things change :slight_smile:

Who is he? Golfer?

I’m rooting for Iceland this World Cup.

But bleh…Argentina hasn’t looked like a team in years, just a group of individuals acting like chickens with their heads cut off on the pitch. Doesn’t help the goalie they had in the net kept making HORRIBLE decisions.




but I am also really excited to see them play. They’re usually good but my dream is brazil v mexico finals

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I am 100% behind France, Portugal already stole the Euro cup from us. We have to win this one!!

He is not on the plane yet still has a chance with a win against Fighting Eagles…

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Xhakas goal :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: