Metasurf Direct Drive Custom Batch (Sensored 70kv 80amp) Reservation LIVE!

We need shipping estimates and also potential import costs.

Also, do we have to buy their trucks with this? I dont want to spend 200 more on trucks if i can use wide calibers or even surfrod

There isn’t currently any other truck that can support these motors without modification

You can test how much shipping is in the shopping cart. 2 motor plus a set of trucks cost $90 to ship to California. Too bad I won’t be able to afford these. I guess I’ll just wait to buy these used from someone in the USA.

Regarding the shipping. I’ll ask them to see if there are cheaper alternative. They don’t have a node here in USA, motors and hangers aren’t exactly feather weight. My personal schedule doesn’t line up with christmas delivery timeline otherwise I could have acted as a node here in US and gotten them to ship everything to me than fedex them out :frowning:

Hey, Try putting the current motors in the basket to get a shipping est. Assuming (119 usd motor + 30 shipping) x 2 = 320 USD = ~260 EU

booked two unit, me too. If they do not make a thicker axle, I will make it myself. :rofl:

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I’m need to look under my sofa, my rugs and every where to see if I can find enough for 4… gonna try for 4wd pneumatic drive

@moderators, please let me know if this is not cool.

Anybody in SF Bay Area like to combine an order and split shipping costs?

1 motor $30 shipping 2 motors $45 shipping 3 $65 4 $85 … 8 $165

Continue to add $20 for shipping for 5 - 8 motors

After 8 motors shipping stays at $185

PM if you are interested. These costs are for motors only.

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I would not mind acting as a point of California distribution. I’m in San Francisco. @Ixf please let him know I wouldn’t mind if he shipped California orders to me as a batch if it’ll make shipping cost less.

Also the people participating in this group buy would get only the motors right? They will have to figure out their own trucks?


That will be very helpful. Yes only motors. Getting on a call with them re trucks hopefully tonight

You have L3 status so if you want to organize a group buy for USA buyers, you can but you need to open a new thread in the group buy category and follow forum guidelines collecting monies through pay using goods and services pmt. You will also be responsible for the safe delivery of everyone’s purchase who is in the group buy.


Turns out I’m not allowed to help at all, so scratch that. Oh well!

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I can do it, I guess @topcloud too :wink:

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Hi, Did we get any news on a thicker axle for the truck ? I am pretty tempted to order 2 motors for my first build but a bit worried about the 8mm axle ? Safety first I am also wondering what would be the torque on this one compare to the torque drive of the EXO of carvon ?

Hey, Thicker axles are under consideration for potential future batch. As for torque and beating up current trucks @sofu is running it through the paces. More details here:

Remember folks reservation closes on 25th. The batch of sensored motors will be cancelled if we don’t hit the number

several direct drive manufacturers have upgraded from 8mm to 12mm or larger steel axle diameter for very legitimate safety reasons… wheels coming off the boards, etc. are the axles 8mm aluminum? how do you think they’ll hold up?

Minimum is 80? I hate to say that’s probably quite optimistic unless someone is bulk buying a bunch in themselves

It was the lowest number that the owners from metasurf could provide me for something custom. Thought I’d give it a shot. I actually don’t know where the number stands right now but I suspect you are right that it’s kind of a long shot. Pity. I personally want 4 sensored motor for a 4wd.

I think topcloud is also looking to come up with custom hangers that may work with the motors.

The rods are still, thats been addressed in the other post I linked earlier, How well will it stand up? All I can say is that there are a few sets out that I know off in the wild and folks are testing it. Time will tell. Not sure my opinion matters here.

From my conversation with metasurf they are def considering thicker trucks for the future but you don’t just magically pull new trucks out of thin air. It takes time.

Lastly I don’t work for them. I am not affiliated with them. I am here trying help bridge the language barrier and also wrangle discounts for the community.

All the points you made I have already seen in the other post. Trying to push me any further won’t get you anything.

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