Metasurf Direct Drive ?!

Thank you @sofu

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Any news here Ladies and Gentlemen ?

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I’ll follow up and find out, but I was talking with him about unrelated stuff just a few days ago so rest assured he didn’t just up and disappear :stuck_out_tongue:

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thx Sofu ! I haven’t purchase anything (and will not) but I’m just curious about the test from users.

A French colleague on esk8fr received them, but not tested …( he send them back, he got some issue with the item received, impact on a motor if I’m not wrong).

That sucks about the damaged item, but I’m sure it’ll be corrected. As far as next steps as far as I’m aware he’s sticking to the plan I outlined here and doesn’t expect too many complications:

Once I get more information about the new corrected trucks I’ll let you guys know. My guess is this time it would be more cost effective to simply ship individually from his warehouse in Taiwan. Like I said I’ll follow up with him :+1:


Sorry about the late update guys, I got this information a bit ago but just forgot to post it. I’m sorry about that!

Basically what’s going on is this:

New molds have been opened. However, he just went directly for the completely updated trucks to save cost. What that means is that he’s skipping the inbetween 8mm stage and just going straight for 10mm. New hardware is expected in three months, at which time he will need everybody’s address who wants the updated version so he can directly ship you the updated hardware, which is basically a new set of everything. As previously stated, there is no cost to the end buyer for these new hardwares.

I’ll make sure to keep y’all updated properly as things progress, though I expect to have no major news for around the next month which manufacturing progresses. I’m in constant contact with him and he’s super nice and will answer just about anything, so HMU if y’all got any questions~

Edit: So strike what I said about the timeline, it was a misunderstanding on my part. The initial order of events remain, but timeline is extended.

  • 3 months out from titanium 8mm axles with fixed molds
  • ? months out from 10mm axles and sensored motors
  • Timeline after titanium axles to be decided later

The rest of the above still applies of course, new hardware at no cost to original buyers, etc etc!


Hi, I am very interested in getting a board from him possibly soon. I am new to boarding, so I may be saying stuff wrong in this message (in case I do).

So, it sounds like if we buy a board from him now, will will get the upgrades you mention for free once they come out? AKA, it sounds like the trucks are an issue and too thin. So, they will be upgraded from aluminum to titanium in 3 months, then 10mm sometime later this year with sensored motors. Then some other update later. We will get all these upgrades shipped to us once they come out?

Also, is there a way to Private Message you about this board or to pass something along to him? Again, new to this community so not sure if this is possible on here (seems like not from looking around. Or it may be that my account is too new).

Not sure if my message “pinged” you when I wrote it. Just doing this one in case it did not. Again, new here so sorry if I am doing this wrong lol!

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