Metro-board transmission/belt covers 3D printed in ABS plastic? Will pay for printing!

Hello, first post here, so apologies if this is not the right place:

Where could I possibly get a set of these transmission covers 3d printed in a hard black ABS plastic?

The metal stock ones rattle like crazy, sounds like a tin can is attached to the board. I could buy the part, ship it to you, and pay you moneys to model and print it. i’d just need 2 printed in black ABS plastic. Located in the U.S.

Thank you in advance.

Just paint them with rubber undercoating maybe? I have some and know the sound. It doesn’t bother me anymore

would black silicone work? i wish i didnt have to do that. 2k$ and i got a rattling skateboard…

That $2k skateboard is way better than the other $2k skateboards and way, way better than the cheaper ones. A little noise here and there isn’t that big of a deal. You could make your own for about the same price.

I’m going to have to. But it’s not just a little noise. any road that isn’t completely flat turns my board into the audible equivalent of a tin can dragging on the pavement. its fucking embarassing.

That sounds like more noise than mine has. Are you sure the bolts are tight?

I’m trying to get rid of my clear ABS which is not so transparent. If you have the CAD file lmk if you still needs it.