Metroboard does not sell parts

I tried buying the abec11 metal pulley and have been denied.

"Unfortunately we don’t sell spare parts to non-Metroboard customers.

I will refund your money for this order."

metroboard doesnt like money, screw those guys. I just wanted to share this so nobody else wastes time.

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What if one of us buys a metroboard and then buys extra parts and sells them?

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Im sure an order for pulleys each week wil alert the propriatary police. If i had the money id buy one just to get the parts and return it. I want a 15mm metal abec pulley and nobody seems to actually list them on their website. Yes, i see them in builds, i know people have them but i have not found a place to buy one. My 12mm enertion set is on the way. It will work for now.

just go through paypal and buttfuck them with a cancellation, while keeping the abec pullesy

why do you want to buy their metal pulley?

if you want to deal with a parts supplier, look here


You shipped my 12mm kit about 12 hours ago. I ride really hard and i dont believe the plastic pulley will survive long enough when i joyride. I want the 15mm and all metal for when i start hitting gaps and staircases.

you will be surprised how soft aluminium is…

the plastic ones are actually tougher material… they probably will last longer.

@thisrealhuman lecdec did the same thing to me when I tried to order “their” remote, which is just a generic remote that they use in their builds.


If they have any common sense they will make it out of a hard aluminum alloy. But even if it was a softer aluminum, it would still probably be harder than plastic.

Metal > plastic 90% of the time. There are obviously very soft metals such as gold, silver, copper, lead, tin, etc., but besides those, most other metals/metal alloys will beat plastic any day.

I’m not a metallurgist… I only know stuff from riding…


i wonder how long before Evolve picks up this idea and stops selling their spare parts to builders.


Also yeah, injection molded glass fiber reinforced nylon has a number of advantages over aluminum on wheel pulleys. Not the least of which is not throwing metal shavings into your motor can when the mount mis-aligns and you end up with pulley rub on the mount bolts. And they’re quieter. And they wear just as long which is practically forever in both cases. And they look better from the outside. I’m tired of looking at a half dozen bolts on my wheels.


What’s funny is metroboard purchased from me in the past. LOL Forgot what though… Can’t recall.

@longhairedboy - Evolve originally didn’t sell parts but I think now they have so much parts they figure they might as well just sell it? perhaps…


Good points. Although i think this aluminum is a press fit also, not a bolt on.

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You can get pulleys through and SDP-SI (Stock Drive Products)

I’m currently doing an experiment with my boards - I use #25 chain drive rather than pulleys and I made up a set of cogs from Delrin just to see how long they’ll last and if they can handle the stress. I’ll report back once I have some miles under them.


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So i decided to see if i can crack this company and buy something without an actual board.

sent them an email saying that i bought a board off craigslist, missing the wheels and wheel pulley.

They responded and asked for the serial number, I told them it was painted over :stuck_out_tongue:

Now they want a picture, I took a random screenshot, changed it to .txt, deleted some parts so its broken, and am about to send it.

It will be interesting to see how adamant they are about getting proof that I actually own one. Maybe ill just grab a random picture off the internet.


Good luck, he’s a one man show and probably sells a very limited amount of boards. Given the other recent attempt I bet he will have caught on. He’s a pretty intelligent guy from my conversations with him…makes it all the more surprising that he is dumb enough not to sell his parts and make money…maybe there’s something I don’t know though…

I think the jig is up :frowning: He hasnt responded yet, and has normally been responding within a couple minutes. I might have overstepped with the last email :/

LOL this is hilarious. I doubt he saw completely through that unless he found this forum. Its too muddy and he’s too busy thinking about old customers to be thinking about a builder.

at the point where he was like “do you want to waste money on parts that aren’t compatible” my answer would be “Yes, thank you. It is my money after all.”


and i am basically back to where i was last time :/

Why is he so insistent on verifying that i have a board?

and the fun is over :cry:

what an asshole :expressionless: (not you @onloop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Edit: now i am really tempted to get one, just to send him a picture and shove it in his face. (or if anyone has one or can find a picture of one with an outrunner brushless motor, no wheels, and the battery case painted)