Metroboard stuck in French customs

Does anyone have any advice on what the buggery bollocks is going on? The board arrived in customs on the 26th, I’ve heard nothing and the tracking status hasn’t been updated since the 3rd Dec.

They are holding @Andy87 package too. Think they’re hoarding esk8 stuff

my parcel stuck in CDG since 15.11. couldn´t get any information till now, why that´s the case. as the destionation country is USA there shouldn´t even be a custom thing in France for my parcel.

I just wish they would give me some info. I got a message from the post service saying the package would be delivered in 2 days and then when it didn’t show up I checked the tracking link and it just said there was a problem and they would contact me …but they haven’t.

give them some more time. there is a lot of traffic at the moment. all the black firday stuff is on the way, plus the christmas and new year presents. you can always try your luck and call the french post office, or UPS/DHL or what ever company should deliver your parcel. maybe they can give you some more information

They are also holding a package I sent to @Riako… Perhaps customs officials are either in strike mood or Xmas holiday mood…or perhaps both


Well I’m glad it’s not just me. I suppose all we can do is sit back and wait for everything to get sorted out.

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If it’s DHL, contact them. They might be just waiting for your reply

They as well have my hummies for 10 days… I don’t know how to get things moving

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I got in touch with them on the phone and you are right, they told me they got TONS of package waiting to be cleared. Got lucky and mine has finally been cleared from customs. Hope to finally get my hummies 2 years of wait are over haha


Great to know at least your package has made it. I’m glad I ordered my metroboard in the winter and I won’t lose much riding time.

Thank you for the feedback. Good to hear as min your stuff gets out to you.