Mexican bull / comp 95 / 12s /focbox unity

Should I go with 10mm?

You need the matador! jpg1361756559 Boss Hog style


I would drive the shit out of that.


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to give blows in the ankles to people who go to my side haha

They would learn fast!

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thinking about using pelican 1040 for the enclusure of the focbox unityimage

image today I will mount the box and all the holes in it are Any recommendation

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Use pan or button head type bolts. I’d use rubber washers around then to minimize board damage and vibration. If you can find a sheet of rubber or even a silicone baking sheet to put between the box and your board, it will help it not to slip or scratch your deck. Use nylon insert nuts or blue loctite on the bolts until your ready to do a final assembly. Good luck!

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I just saw that a battery is inflated that I should doimage

Be careful, maybe re ask in the battery fire page

A small amount of puff is ok and not dangerous, but one or more cells in the pack is going to have reduced capacity and discharge un evenly. Would still work fine in low draw usage but in skateboard it won’t last too long.

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Has anyone seen the Corridor video where the guy shoots the inflated lipo with an arrow? You should do that in an enclosed space, like a house

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Jajaj i think Is better don’t make anything

The focbox is in the enclosure image image