MiamiElectricBoards ESC, Barajabali Batteries, Psychotiller enclosure, etc

Ok so I am selling parts to fund my next build, all of them are used but still very functional. I am in the US, so I would prefer to ship within the country for minimal risk of damage to the items. If you want reference to see the parts in action, my build thread can be found here:

Pictures: Items + Prices in latest post

MiamiElectricBoards 8s 120A ESC -This was pre-programmed by @oriol360, has worked for 6 months without issues. I will include the usb programming cable as well in case someone wants it. He doesn’t sell these anymore, but they are totally silent and well made

**ChiBoards Battery 1 ** -This is a custom 6s 4500mah 60a 99wh battery built by the man @barajabali himself. It runs like a dream, is perfectly balanced, and is airplane legal

**Chiboards Battery 2 ** -This battery is the exact same as the one above, but with one cell slightly weaker than the rest. If you put the batteries in parallel on an efficient board, I’ve found they’ll still put out a full 9 miles of range.

**@Psychotiller Enclosure with 6s voltage meter, MEB 6s one plug charging port and anti-spark ** -This thing is absolutely beautiful, no scratches, ports dremeled out where needed. -Dimensions are 7.25 x 7 x 0.5 inches -This will fit both batteries, or one battery and the esc for a functional one plug system without taking the batteries out for charging. Keep in mind, you will need to cut partially into your deck to use this as it is meant to be stealthy and is not very tall

This is what you get:

This is what it will fit (with a routed deck):

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All prices are negotiable - buyer pays shipping. If you want something, shoot me a PM

im interested in the wheels and batteries…do the batteries include a BMS that i can just plug into the charger?

@itsmikeholland The batteries themselves do not have a bms - however the Psychotiller enclosure includes an MEB adapter so that it’s only one plug to charge the battery

Hey I’ll take the Freebord S2 Bindings … PM ME you PayPal info

If @1Q-Ford doesn’t get the bindings I’ll take them.

Bindings have been sold

To use both batteries at the same time will you be able to change them like that or do u have to charge 1 at a time .

Never mind

If you wanted to run both batteries inside the board with the single plug to charge, you would have to get/make an adapter to charge them in parallel

ok thanks you

I’ll take the batteries … PM ME

do you still have ecs and if so will u ship to ireland

@hornet90 Yes and yes, buyer pays shipping. Pm me

Everything shown above is still available - feel free to make me an offer if anyone’s interested

how many miles will Battery 1 take me

@Michael319 here is the IMax you’re looking for

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Battery one will take you about 3-4 miles with an efficient system. I managed to squeeze 4.5 out of it once or twice, but I only weigh 65kg and it was on flat land. I’d prefer to sell the batteries as a pair, I can give you a discount if you want the second one as well. Put them in parallel and I got around 7-8 miles

I am leaving for Germany on June 7 - MUST get these out of my garage. Help a brother fund an esk8!! I’ll consider any and all offers


10 char