Micro-Me Build 24' Possible?

Hi, this is gonna be my first build I wanted to build something Small and super portable that I could throw in a locker but have a decent speed of 15mph and a range of 5 miles or so. I’ve done a bit of research and seen a bunch of other people builds but no ones ever made a super small board.


The Total of this build would be about $662.95 pretty sure this is the least expensive I can get this build not sure I could totally be wrong, it’d be nice to getter it cheaper cause why not but if not that’s totally fine

Any Advice? or Recommendations?

Why don’t you buy something like https://verrealboards.com/ Pretty much samething at under 300

They up charge u by $100

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Are you saying like buy one of their Kits?

im saying ur paying more than the entire complete board that uses same components. other than ur own deck. u can buy the deck seperately and change it at less cost

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that’s True never thought of using one if those Meepo style boards other than the enclosure it should be pretty simple I think

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one person who has made a super small board is @itsmikeholland he has a sick setup

For such a small board weight is also something to consider. Dual motors will be heavy and probably not really necessary. You want something like a Lou 1.0 @TranxFu is selling his single hub for like 80€

Also @fraannk has probably built one of the smallest boards to date


As others already suggested depends what you are looking for. I see you want a speed around 15mph and 5 miles. That’s pretty low so you can achieve that and stay rather cheap in budget and moreover low in weight which I believe its important if you are looking for portability. Then single hub or single belt is the way to go. On the other hands if you want a bit of more power and stay cheap too. A pre-built kit will do the job and save you money. There is the 7s or 8s belt kit or hub kit from DIYeboard. One of the kit from verreal, meepo, ownboard, wowgo… Wowgo and ownboard are using a better ESC and remote I belive. Otherwise for slightly more I will choose a motor drive (hub or belt) and use a cheap dual vesc like the Maytech one (100$). In the same space you have something programmable. For the battery probably Lipo will give you the range, the power and save space. I see it perfect for your goal. I would say decide what you want in terms of single or dual. belt or hub. And we can elaborate the rest later on…

I’d love to see a build on this deck! Good luck

don’t buy from mboards, he’s super fkn flaky

Are you in the states? Quinboards doesn’t ship to the states as far as I know. I wanted one when I had the mellow.