Micro SPDT Latching Switch with LED

I’m looking for a Micro SPDT Latching Switch with LED, like what comes with the eBay ESC (vesc alternative). I haven’t pulled the switch out of my board to measure it yet, but I’m guessing it’s a 10mm switch. Does anyone have a source for these?

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off topic as hell but that’s the Flagship enclosure from @psychotiller right?

Yes sir, that’s my jet spud 29 with 97mm Flywheels and eBay ESC. Fitting a 10s3p pack was kinda difficult, but the flagship enclosure worked great. I still have some heat and trim work to do in the front because of the wells.

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haha cool. was gonna go with the flagship but didn’t fit 10s6p :cry:. back on topic!

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I’m sure if you look up 10mm push button 12V led switch you’ll find what your looking for. 10mm seems really small though I think 19mm switches are as small as you want go or else it gets kinda hard to push your finger into the switch.

I’ve been using 16mm and they are plenty big. The one that came with the eBay ESC is way smaller, still works fine though.

…and the smallest I can find is 16mm, I did do a Google search before I posted here :grinning:

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Well I found what I think your looking for on AliExpress though only in like bulk of 5 pieces minimum.

Thats really long. Ive contacted the seller of the ebay ESC to see if he will sell those switches in bulk. In the meantime I ordered a couple of Non-LED latching SPDT latching switches that are 10mm in diameter.

Did you try searching for 12mm eBay and Amazon both have them

^^^This is one of the reasons I’ve looked into Joshua’s project about soft-latching switch button. I don’t have the space for a standard long barrel switch. And I wanna use rgb sk6812 LEDs too :sunglasses: I’m waiting for the required components to be shipped to me, everything should arrive from next Friday.

You can check the progress here if you want to make one for yourself?

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I did, just really want the 10mm if I can find them.

You won’t find them. I was in the same boat as you last week.

10, 11 or 12mm are not standard sizes for SDPT 5 pin led push buttons. The ones you might find are the 12mm 4 pin switches like the ones @torqueboards sell but not 5 pin.

Standard sizes are only 16mm and 19mm, 16mm are widely used on eboards. Last week I purchased 19mm switches without estimating the huge size they had, I had to mount it on top of the deck, through the deck itself as it wasn’t going to fit at the side of the enclosure. It ended up pretty good, I also switched the position of my previous switch on my Bintang here and I love it.


That sucks, thanks for all the info though. I’ve been using 16mm and have used a 19mm, just really wanted a small switch so it would make less of a dent in real estate.

Your switch looks good. I may end up doing the same.

Why do you want dt when the second side is always left blank? Just get an SPST latching one. Same thing.

I can look and see if we have any 10mm switches at my work on Monday for you if you’d like. All I know is that we have over 200k (All colors, sizes, momentary/latching, ect…) switches in stock.

That would be awesome, I appreciate it.

Ill be using the DT in this case, its a thing Im working on. More to come once I have a working example.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. Shit happened at home and I wasn’t at work to check. Looks like 10mm are hard to come by here. Smallest we have is 12mm.

No worries, thanks for checking.