Mid-range pintail | 1x 260kV | Turnigy VESC | 8s1p | Belt drive | unique wobble suppression

Nope that’s not a Vesc, it’s the esc used in most cheap premade boards from overseas. It’s honestly pretty decent but not nearly as good as a Vesc.

Why do you need to control it with an arduino? If it’s for the braking feature I would highly recommend not implementing it as it seems like it might make matters worse. If your trucks are starting to wobble and you change the forces from accelerating to braking the truck will be jerked by the motor changing speed/direction most likely resulting in a large wobble before slowing down. It’s not impossible and encourage you to try but I feel as though it may not help.

On the other hand something that locks the truck in a straight line when wobbles occur might be beneficial

Updated parts list! If someone has a moment, please look over:

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Same mount. No penny deck, going to make a foldy boi. Any suggestions for an affordable BMS?

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Damn, was interested to see how a penny board with those parts would end up, I was thinking of doing something similar in the future.

Lots of parts arrived! Unfortunately, I’m going to have to do some filing/grinding image

What else arrived? Links?

Everything is linked above :smiley: image

Trucks and wheels are on, zippys and vesc is mocked up in the photo, the 260kv sensored is mocked up on the Hobbyking mount

I’m going to have to file down this fillet to fit the mount better: image

Grozniy, at what point did you find out the pulley is bad? Perhaps I just can’t tell good quality apart from bad, but it looks ok to me so far

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Cheapo 8s BMS is here image but my charger might take a couple more weeks to ship in :frowning: image

The motor pulley is bad because it’s very light meaning the metal is not strong and will skip the belts after some use.

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I’m sure it will last fine for the time being. Cool build btw

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My dad convinced me to stick with my pintail deck for the time being, also first day of work completed!




Hey! Could someone please glance over my electrical diagram before I start soldering? Thanks a million! image

Added another xt90 after the series adapter