Middle Schooler First Build Parts!

Can you help me refine my list of parts and see what’s wrong with this parts list? Parts Motor - ollinboard 200kv motor Vesc - DIYes vesc 4.12 Battery - 2x turnigy 5000 mah 20c lipos Rx/tx - DIYes mini remote Motor mount - turnigy skateboard conversion motor mount… Right now they are out of stock so if someone could send me a good cheap motor mount that would be amazing Wattmeter - not sure yet Charger - $4 3S lipo charger, is there a cord I need to buy with this? Pulleys - I really don’t know where to get pulleys and belts and I dont know which size I want 9mm or 12mm. Diy electric skateboard has them for expensive. Can someone tell me where they are sold for cheaper and good quality? Also what’s the difference between the sizes?

These are my parts, I already have a board with caliber truck and 83mm flywheel clones. If you could help me out that would be absolutely amazing as I’m trying to order the parts soon. Thanks in advance!!

Also, im looking into banggood motors… Anyone have thoughts on that?

Enertion sells pulleys, get 12mm or it will slip

Enertion stopped selling the motor pulley because they are trying to get rid of them, and I don’t have enertion wheels… Anything cheeper?

My budget on this build is about $350

You could use a 16-36 gear setup for the 83mm wheels. I would get a decent motor on your first build, that way it will last quite a long time.

I might get a ollin 200 kv motor, but I don’t know where to get pulleys


He’s already got flywheel clones

I’m trying to get a 200-210 kv motor but ollin motors are too small. Anything else that you guys know of?

Theres a seperate topic about banggood motors.

On a side.note, wider belt might be better.

If u want to.go real cheap, u can try “substitute esc” from ebay… though if u got.money i would just.go with vesc because.of.smoothness / settings / good brake… otherwise all the info.should be there already, im sure others.have asked.the.same.questions before :wink:

As about charger - go with 6s charger.better unless.u want to switch packs while charging or buy 2 chargers. That is… if u plan to run it with 6s not 3s. Check what connectors.u need in advance.

Make a parallel conection for main battery leads (after joining batteries together) to allow easy charging. This means having extra “port” for main wires

it sounds to me like he’s on a tight budget and can’t afford to replace a blown VESC… maybe he should go with the cheapo esc

I highly recommend the Xcar esc as do many others

Im using 6s and a 190kv-200kv motor. Do you think I’ll blow the drv chip?

No, power might be a bit more limited but u are safe. 245kv could also work with 6s

I’m just using 6s with my budget because I plan to upgrade to 9s soon, that’s why I also want to be safe with large margin when I go to 9s

Ah ok I was going to do that with my first build also on a budget of about the same amount. I never ended up going to 9s as I got the Xcar instead of Vesc. That setup sounds fine although I don’t know much about drv chip

Does the xcar have a smooth start up and braking?

Yes, I find the start up quite good although I haven’t ever used a Vesc so I can’t really compare, as for brakes I have them set very light so that my belt doesn’t slip. I am very pleased with the Xcar esc and am will most likely be using it for my next build

You can program the xcar esc? How programmable is it?