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Midori ESK8 inspired Sumo Robot

Well I know this is not a Eboard, but I designed this robot with most of the information I got from trolling around this forum, so i thought i’d share.

First off, what is a sumo robot, well in a nutshell, you take 2 sumo robots, stick them in a dohyo (arena) last one standing in the dohyo wins. The catch is, robots must be autonomous, max size of 20cmX20cm and under 3Kg. No circular saw nor flame throwers. Oh and the Dohyo is made out of steel, so the use of magnets to increase your down force on your wheels is encouraged.

What so eboard about it? Well it’s wheeling a pair of VESC, TB’s 5065 170Kv sensored motors and a 3:1 pulley reduction. Wheels will be 2.5", shore A60, casted by myself with smooth-on vita flex 60 polyurethane. Powered by 12S lipos.

for the moment I only have 3D renders of the whole thing, all the parts are being manufactured and will be receving them in the next weeks. I’ll post the progress of the build.

under, showing off the magnets

The main PCB, where all the sensors and VESC interface, i’m using the Teensy 3.2 for a MCU.

Power input pcb, same as vedder’s anti spark board, but with 3 XT60 connectors to put the lipos in series.


Nice… Thanks for sharing… Very interested in seeing the final results :smile:

I like the power PCB, how many Amps can it handle ?

Autonomous: like in “no human controlling the robot by RC”-autonomous ?
Can you elaborate on the logic ?

Id guess 100A

@trbt555 yes to robots are autonomous, you press the start button and cross your fingers.

They’re equiped with infra red sensors to find the oponent and edge sensors so it does not fall of the arena.

Juste received the wheel pulley, sending that off again for some more machining

I don’t have an exact number for the power input pcb, But i’m sure i have more than enough copper on the pcb, i rittled the thing with vias

Printed the wheel hubs, 100%infill

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Finally received my billet, nice and green

Motors are a tight fit!

More to come


we will definitely need some videos once this guy is up and running!!

Is that chassis custom made or is it a part that’s readily available ?

Custom made for this unique application

Pic of the pulleys


Midori is the green and black bot. Yes that my stupid ass falling on the ground.


holy shit man yours was a beast!

haha even though that other guy slammed yours into the wall in the end, your robot looked 10x better. The completely enclosed green and black case makes it look pretty mean!

Well that’s nothing, we had to dumb down the max power to 40% because it’s on a wood arena. The real test is on a steel arena with a bunch of magnets and blasting around the arena at 100%