Mikey'z Beater Board >> Jet Spud 33, Caliber II's Blue, 6s 8000mah, VESC, 260 kv,

I built this board just to have a beater board, something to leave in the car or at work, loan out, whatever. This is a great deck. wide and carves really well. It’s only 6s, but it was cheap and I’m not looking to go fast or have huge range. With a total cost of $667.04, i am happy with the results.

Battery type:  LIPO
Number of Cells:  6
Motor KV:  260
Efficiency:  70%
Battery volts:  22.2 V
Motor RPM:  5772 RPM
Motor RPM (weighted):  4040 RPM
ERPM (7 pole pairs):  40404 ERPM
Motor Pulley Teeth:  15
Wheel Pulley Teeth:  36
Wheel size (mm):  90
Gear ratio:  2.4:1
Top Speed:  25.35 mph - 40.8 km/h
Top Speed (weighted):  17.75 mph - 28.56 km/h

WATT HOURS >> 8000 * 22.2 / 1000 = 177.6wh RANGE >> 177.6 / 5 * 0.31 = 11.01 miles ERPM (Electrical RPM) >> 260 * 25.2 * 7 = 45,864 erpm RPM >> 25.2 * 260 = 6552 rpm MAX WATTS >> 60 * 3.7v * 6 = 1332 watts


Can you show a diagram or a picture of the inside because I am doing a simple board like this for the same reason.

I can next time I open it up, but there’s really not that much to it. The LIPO’s are connected in series, the battery POS is run to an XT90-S loop key then to the VESC, the battery NEG is run to the VESC & there’s a splice after the XT90-s for the volt meter.

Very Cool :sunglasses:

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Thank you sir. Just wanted something I didn’t have to worry about keeping pristine :slight_smile:.

This is great for somebody like myself looking to make an entry into electric boards. Thanks so much for the build list!

Ok, but it sure doesn’t look like a beater right now. In fact it looks pretty awesome.


Lookin good for a beater! You’re so spoiled, LOL.

That’s what I thought! LOL. But great price! Way better than any full build for the same price. And you enjoyed making it!

No worries brother. Here’s a link to the spreadsheet in my dropbox so you can copy links and such…

GIve me a few minutes :slight_smile:

I love building these things. I’ve built 4 boards for people just for the heck of it, didn’t make a penny. This one was mostly built from parts I had laying around or just got a killer deal on.

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I agree! The best part of building them is you customize them to your preference and then the results are endless. Good for you man! You builds are quality. I’ve revamped my About 3 times from my original build. It’s such an addiction :fearful:

Yeah, for me they are never “Done”. I learn something, gotta implement it :slight_smile:

Ok thanks sounds good

No worries, yell if you need some help. This is one of simpler builds I’ve done, plenty of room in the enclosure (in fact I cut off about 6 inches) and very little soldering.

Will do thanks

I just turned up FOC for the first time…holy crap its quiet, and smooth as butter. I definitely see a decrease in top end but its just a beater board so no worries.

:star::star::star::star::star: Would use again

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