Milky Smooth = Lacroix + Unity, MBS, 20700b 12s5p, Neptune BMS, Ideal, 6374 170kv

I’ve been lurking in the shadows for 2 years scheming up my first build. It all started on a trip I took on my sailboat to the Bahamas. While on one of the islands I had snuck in to a resort to relax aka take a bath in there hot tub when a guy comes riding by on a boosted board. It was a like a light switch, I knew I had to have one. I bought a folding bike to get around the islands but it took up to much room in the boat. So I ordered a evolve GT and had my parents bring it over when they came to see me. While researching what board I was going to buy I came across this forum. Given where I was at I knew a diy would have to wait. Now 2 years later I’ve bought up all my parts.

aftermath picture of my first crash. image

I’ve bought up all my parts and I’m in the waiting stage for everything to come in.

I’m building my battery at the moment and I’ve run into a problem. I don’t like the way my spot welder is welding nickel to nickel. I’ve experimented with different setting and the only thing that’s worked is kind of a odd thing. I hammer the solder very thin and put it in between the peace’s of nickel and hit it with the spot welder 2 times. It melts the solder and spot welds at the same time. Only problem is I think it’s getting to hot. Any words of advise?? image image


I tested some spot welders and the only one that is living to the expectations is the Next Level Spot Welder from


What power source do you use for it?

I’m using a sunkko 208v spot welder. I think my problem is the pin, it can’t handle the amps. The fixed welding head can blow holes through .15 nickel so I may have to use it.

I heard it over heats way quicker than the boss one? Over all, how are satisfied with it? I am also thinking of getting one.

I really like it, super easy to set up, if your building boards for hours at a time I think you would need to upgrade the pin. I’ve seen a YouTube video of someone going it. I didn’t have any problems with over heating.

Yes it overheats pretty fast, you need to use a lot of fans pointing to the LiPo battery and spot welder electronics. The welds are perfect even nickel vs nickel, but you need to set the energy accordingly everytime.

The pens are eternal you won’t need to change them ever.

Milky is sure to clean a victim no doubt but my evolve has calmed 2 veteran skaters and myself. image image