Millenial snowflakes into makers

Us doers and makers, pegged the millennials as pantywaists, that cant fix a car. They have no manual dexterity. No ability to roll cigs up their sleeves.

Well, I am seeing something entirely different. I am a class A moldmaker, and developed the highest levels of caveman can-do. Even I am frightened by the ability of these millennials to attack a need. To MAKE whatever their minds conceive.

Used to be that the SLA dudes thought their feces didnt stink. They were the elite. I developed the ability to work in CNC mill, lathe and EDM.

When we didnt have a product that would work, we modified an existing thing. The trappings to achieve these things, took expertise and dedication to a craft.

Enter today. Every kid has an understanding of 3d space, and no fear of 3d printers and all the funky tech as it is unwrapped. It is no wonder that us oldsters, are deeming all we fear or dont understand as FAKE.

Kids these days, are creating things, and then pursuing starting cottage industries. And the millennials, are partial to other makers and one offs. Shunning the big corps.

Perhaps I am getting a skewed view, by this forum among others. Perhaps they arent all handy and inventive. But this seems to be the direction of things.

The pace of technology is advancing at a rapid pace, as there is a synergistic rise of software reaching its promise of utility. We used to expend more energy using the new tech tools, than they saved. That is history.

This is a scary new world, and were I not so OLD SCHOOL savvy, I too would be hollering at the losers that need to keep their mouths shut about how things should be.

Far from being incapable of changing a lightbulb, I see a bright future, MAKERWISE, from the youth. I am truly inspired by the initiative and creativity of so many.


Pretty much on point. I think I’m a millennial. Idk. 36? Still think most people are pussies that can’t do shit. I could learn a computer program and click start and be a “maker.” That’s not making, that’s producing. But the world is what it is and I’m thankful others do the clicking on the computer so I don’t have to.

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Using OTHERS files, you might hit start, but conceiving of, and FITTING parts to others with proper fits and such, strength where needed, on and on, was STRICTLY the realm of the machinist, if not the moldmaker, if not the mold designer or tooling engineer.

Now it is johnny on the corner.

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this post confuses me. what’s the goal?

btw i’m post milenial i think (2002 kid)

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Dispelling a faulty codger notion is all. I am impressed with the MAKER mentality of youth now.

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okay nice. was recently looking at an turnigy aerodrive 6374 149kv i have lying around and wondering wether i could make a direct drive out of it. because the the only direct drives i could find were torqueboards which cost a hefty buc and another new company that seems to still be in it’s infancy state with it drives and i saw some reported issues. might be a stupid idea who nows. i’ll have to take the motor appart first to se wether it’s even possible. do you know what happened to carvon direct drives? cuz i can’t find them anywhere.

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If I were you, I would wait about a half a year. Someone will develop something soon. There is a need.

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ur probably right. i was just wondering wether it would be possible

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Anything is possible little buddy.


Heres a bit of maker porn for your viewing pleasure.

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Remeber that millenials are between 25 and 40 this year and that people like myself who belong to Gen Z are the younger generation of the two. I am a good example since i own my own 3D printer make like to make things.

But i still think it’s HIGHLY dependent on the circles you look. If you look at young people who are not into engineering and stuff most probably would fit the description of not being able to fix things. Outside my closest friend group of like-minded individuals i do not know a single person who has a 3D printer, nor the drive to make things.

But i see your point and since i like to make things i like where we are headed :slight_smile:


that is some good maker porn

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