Mini 2.4GHz Remote battery drain?

Hey guys, barely had time to get back into the scene of esk8 and notice I had my NiMH (newly fresh charged 2000mAH) in the 2.4GHz mini remote for about a week or so in the OFF position, and today I had started my reworked board and the red light was flashing. Batteries were at 1.34-1.35V. Changed them out to Duracell alkaline batteries which are 1.50+ V and worked fine. Does that remote not like NiMH batteries? I have a Hobbyking GT2B and that lithium pack lasts forever. I don’t want to be using darn alkalines forever for this remote if that’s the case!

I’m using a couple of the mini rc 2.4ghz remotes with AA Lithium disposable batteries and they are lasting up to a year for me.

They also provide the full 1.5v per cell for full transmitter output. I feel this is important to help prevent drop outs or interference from other signals.

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Thanks Namasaki. I got some good Panasonic/Eneloop’s LSD AAs and figured they would last for months! I guess it doesn’t like these low voltage batteries! Thanks for letting me know about those Lithiums! I’ll try them out!

I too use the disposable lithiums. Over 300 miles now… Hmm maybe I should check them soon :smirk:

I just carry an extra pair and a small screw driver in my pack for when they finally do go out.

Oh does the red LED light blink if it’s low? Just wondering as I don’t think they state it in the manual.

what would happen if you use 2x recharable lithum batteries. I guess that is way too much voltage right?