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Mini bluetooth controller with analog stick

There are tons of these things all over amazon and ebay:

It has an analog stick so could be pretty nifty if you could throw together a board to interpret the analog stick input to control e-board speed, and program buttons for other things.

Could possibly modify it with a proper analog stick too, as it has a flat nintendo DS style one, which may not have such a huge range of motion.

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I’ve got several of these at home, they are really well made. I am sure someone could workout how to make it function.

Cool, I might get on that then, how good is the analog stick on it? Suitable enough?

the joystick is actually really nice… do you know how to program this stuff?

This would be stellar … Watching eagerly

Sure thing, I’m pretty new to the electric vehicle world, but this wouldn’t be too hard with a little bluetooth module and probably an arduino.


Always wanted to mess around with Arduino…