Mini Board 2nd build

Ok so this will be my second build and I am doing a mini board. I have ordered everything with a :white_check_mark: by it. I just wanted advice if I should do anything different or ways to make it better.

This is my plan for the build.

:white_check_mark:Wheels 23.99

Charging Port Ez 11.99

2x Batteries 3s 5000mah 29.84





:white_check_mark:Motor Mount


:white_check_mark:Pulley @johnny_261 pulley 36

Vest diy electric skateboard $100


48.90 (I bought this used from someone on the forum)

:white_check_mark:Deck http://www.tactics.clom/sector-9/bambi no-265-bamboo-skateboard-deck-2016/bamboo 39.95


@SyrusB how is this build going??

The motor mount never showed up

Well that doesn’t help

Yeah i was expecting the motor mount to be here by now but every thing else has arrived. I have changed up a few things though I put the trucks from another build on it (8s) and i was flying and was to scared to go full speed on such a short board so i downgraded to a 6s because i did not want to kill my self and because of simpler charging with only one port.

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This is quite odd he has not been on the forum for 6days

Yeah… I emailed him today asking about inactivity. I doubt he skipped town because he actually designed this mount and showed pics from the manufacturer. Life probably got in the way.

Yeah I hope it is just that