Mini cruiser/commuter board

This build is actually a rebuild of my first board that I was never happy with. I want this board to be ultra light and portable so that I can fit it in my bag when I’m at school.

Parts list:

Enertion Power wheels (Probably swap to kegels)

6364 190KV keda motor

eBay pulley kit and mount (crap don’t buy)

120a Xcar beast esc

6s lipos 5000mah

Clone trucks

Gt2b remote

I’ll keep updating this as I put things together


Oh my god that is tiny… How are you planning to fit all your parts under there?

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Ftfy lol

@pat.speed I’ll be interested to see it when it’s done :slight_smile:

Wait i’m confused. I said parts and you quoted my comment but it said feet. WHAT.

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Hahaha it’s a joke cause it’s to tiny

Ftfy is fixed that for you…


@Deckoz @meesie just you guys wait :wink:

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Alright so the board is now RIDEABLE, it’s not nice and neat yet but it works and everything fits nicely. A few things that I changed were the batteries. The 5000mah lipos were going to be a bit too hard to fit on the deck so I have changed to 2200mah 3s 25c batteries. These are bloody tiny.

I bent the case out of a bit of scrap steel and just screwed it to the deck for now, sometime this week I will give it a paint and pit some grip tape on. Here’s some pics, cos I know everyone likes pics


Just gave the board a fresh coat of satin black paint. All it needs now is some grip tape and a full charge

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looks like it also needs wheels… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Sir, in deed it does

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what is she like to ride? I always wonder if a little board like that would be unstable? I like the idea as its so compact

I haven’t actually gone for a proper ride yet, so I’m not sure but I’m not expecting to go any faster than about 25kmh because it will probably become unstable like you said. Although I love how small and light this board is compared to my other longboard

What’s the overall length?

Pretty sure it’s about 20"

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Don’t mean to kick a dead thread but how is this board now? I’m thinking about making a locker board similar too this and was wondering if you had any advise

Currently in pieces but might be getting revived in the coming weeks.

Tip- don’t ride a small deck over 35km/h