Mini fast electric skateboard chain drive

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im even more confused

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Where did you get the sprockets from?

mismatching batteries? :confused:


Why do your video graphics say your going north, thm you make a right turn and are somehow still going North. How can i then trust that mph? Sketchy board. Awesome it works! Points for ingenuity

For his intent and purpose probably fine so long as the different batteries have similar internal resistance and capacity.

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i guess my comment was a bit snarky, sorry @op just worrying for your safety :slight_smile:

No, your comment was completely valid. Not the best idea. I’ve seen same batteries wrapped different though. Out of laptop n what not

OH lord that looks sketchy, but the chain drive is something i wish i saw more often, much more efficient and safe, then belts. I say that bc of how low a esk8 is from the ground and a pebble being thrown up into a belt will immediately snap a belt, but chains can expand to avoid this.(That’s why dirt bikes use chains, and street cruisers have hidden belts). That and on a chain system you will never skip a tooth, you just have to look after the tension during the first few miles as they expand through use.

Just watched the video and the batteries look way sketchier in the video, however you did have the right idea grouping them by mah, you should check out this handy website that does it for you, just input the list of all the battery mah.

Even thought it may look sketchy I have to say props for all the planning, its good to have everything cadded and designed before hand so you know everything fits. I’m sure if you ever plan to build another one you’ll make it nice nice :slight_smile:

The battery is going on its second year It must have over 1000 miles I ride everyday They are getting weaker but remember they were used laptop batteries I cannot ask for more

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What are you confused about

It’s very fast on 6s about 30 miles an hour if you dare I’ve only done it once or twice I don’t want to kill myself as you can see it’s a very small board that’s why I write in 5s and it’s still pretty fast I know the GPS is not accurate but it’s very close I’ve ridden right next to Bicycle racers they cannot believe how fast I am going on that skateboard

I’m pretty sure that’s GPS location in latitude (N) and longitude (W), not magnetic compass.