Mini fsesc 4.2 50A bec connection to servos

Hi am new, trying to build esk8.

Can you connect rc servo to vesc, mini fsesc 4.2 50A, through BEC 5v 1.5A?

If you can’t, what do you use for BEC? Or how to connect rc servo to vesc? Can you ise remote control from rc car dx2e dsm.

Try search but didnt find anything.

Thanks for any info

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You can use the 5V from the VESC to power small devices like radio receivers but don’t pull more than a few hundred milliamps from it.

Thanks for fast response. So can I connect a servo from rc car, and how?

Link to picture


Show a picture of what you want to connect.

Likely the “RECEIVER” wires in the photo.

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I wan’t to connect servo similar to this one


  1. Model: MG995
  2. Weight: 55 gm
  3. Operating voltage: 4.8V~ 7.2V
  4. Servo Plug: JR
  5. Stall torque @4.8V : 10 kg-cm
  6. Stall torque @6.6V : 12 kg-cm

And the receiver is similar to this one




2-channel DSM® Coated Sport Surface Receiver

of Channels:







1.62 in (41mm)


0.58 in (15mm)


0.36 oz (10 g)

Voltage Range:

3.5 - 9.6V

Controler like this.

![SPM2300-450|450x450] (upload://6i4VJHHa3osu0adLl9XMw5yuOih.jpeg)

  • Perfect for sport level cars and boats
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Servo reversing
  • Proven reliability from the Spektrum™ brand
  • DSM®-, DSM2®- and marine-compatible
  • SR200 2-channel receiver included
  • Interchangeable grips (same as the DX3S and DX3E transmitters).

The idea is to use 2 channel (steering) for continuous variable transmission.

You would connect the VESC to the receiver, and connect the servo to the receiver, but don’t connect the VESC to the servo.

How much current does the servo draw? You may not need the BEC at all. If it’s over about 800mA it could be an issue, though and you will need the BEC.

To use the BEC, don’t connect the 5V wire (red, middle) to the VESC, only the ground (brown/black) and signal (white/orange). Connect the BEC to the “bind” position on the receiver.

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I dont know, at the time, how much current will it draw. I don’ understand why connect bec to bind?

I am geting confused here, does that refer to just connecting receiver to vesc. Like when connecting vesc to receiver, for the purpes of throtle on esk8, do I connect cables from the vesc (marked blue color, receiver on picture) to throtle on receiver or?

What about steering, can I use that with vesc for servo?

There are three spots on the receiver and you need one for VESC, one for servo, and so in order to connect the 5V BEC you’ll need to use the bind slot.

While you’re binding the receiver you’ll need to have the VESC disconnected.

Also don’t forget that a lot of bindings have a failsafe that is set by pulling the bind plug out when the controls are at the default position (neutral for an esk8). If you turn off the remote and your esk8 motors turn, then you have a safety issue.


And it’s embarrassing.

That clears it up.

Thanks for helping.

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