MINI MIDNIGHT - Landyachtz Switch Eagle 35 /// Dickyho Airless All Terrain Kit /// 190kv 6364 Motors /// 10s3p 30q NESE /// Unity /// Custom 3D Printed Enclosures /// MBS F1 Bindings /// Moonbeams

Finally Finished! This is my first off-road build. Parts list is in the title but here it is in more detail.

DECK - Landyachtz Switch Eagle 35 This is a deck I received in my mystery box this holiday season, so i’m not going to count it against the cost of the build. It was basically free (those boxes are loaded with goodies). I had to modify the deck to prevent wheel bite, but that was easy with a dremel. 00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190430172300294_COVER 00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190605095943843_COVER

DRIVETRAIN - @dickyho Airless All Terrain Kit - $170 Others had already praised this kit, and @dickyho is known for cheap yet decent quality esk8 parts (Thanks for your contributions!) IMG_20190405_211021

MOTORS - 2x @dickyho 190kv 6364 Motors - $107 Again, since he is know for cheaper yet decent quality, I decided to try these out. I also noticed that there hasn’t been much talk about them on the forums, so this is my chance to review them :smiley: (one did arrive with the sensor wires mashed and cut unfortunately - dicky apologized though IMG_20190406_023659

BATTERY - 10s3p 30Q NESE Module Top Mount - $186 I purchased the cells from @thisguyhere and the module hardware from @Agniusm - Then I assembled the pack myself. Super easy, highly recommended, and a GREAT way to understand some basics about battery building and wiring. My pack was assembled in a box shape instead of a flat pack since it was going to be top mounted.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190407022053919_COVER IMG_20190407_022042

BMS - Charge only 10A Cheap Ebay BMS - $15 Not much to say here. It gets the job done. balance mah cells.


ESC - Focbox Unity - $200 Welp… It’s not in the build yet, because it isn’t here yet. You know why, I dont have to explain it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: For the time being I just have your typical cheap 10s belt drive ESC holding its place. It works for now (obv acceleration and brakes are interesting, but you get used to it)

ENCLOSURES - Custom Designed & 3D Printed - $20 With my purchase of a 3D printer awhile ago, I started to learn CAD and 3D design, which came pretty easy with my background in graphic design and interest in 3D stuffs. I designed some enclosures - one for the battery, and one for the cheap Ebay ESC. When my Unity finally arrives, I may need to design a new enclosure, or maybe it will fit in this one, we shall see. Either way it will be an easy swap most likely.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190501090840084_COVER 00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190509124623138_COVER IMG_20190418_004108

MBS F1 Bindings - $25 I knew i was gonna need some bindings. Thought about designing some, but once i saw these, I was like “simple, cheap, sure”

@moon Moonbeams - $20 Why not add a sexy carbon fiber touch? They really help hold down my ESC enclosure too :smiley:







It earned it’s name because of the compact size and color obviously :smiley: here it is next to a jet potato 33


Cheers and happy building!


looks great! 4wd upgrade next? :laughing:

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haha :smiley: I’d love to do a 4WD build sometime, but this one isnt getting any upgrades unless its an extra swappable battery box :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great build Bro. :ok_hand::smiley: Like your use of @moon I-Things (moonbeams),@Agniusm NESE holders and @dickyho’s mounts which took off this spring among enthusiast.


Looks good ! You got any pictures of you modifying the deck with the Dremel ? It would be interesting !

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This is before I painted it (you can see where I had to cut)


There you can see exactly how much I had to cut off

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Hi @ryansinatra, can you (or anyone else reading this) please list for me what comes with the Dickyho Airless All Terrain kit and where you purchased it? Thank you very much for your time.

image This is all the pieces in the kit, except the 2 motors

Thanks for the reply @Balta_6. What size are the wheels? How much did it cost? & Where can these be purchased? Thanks again for your time.

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@Balta_6 I’ve got all that info already now. Thank you.

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How are the motors holding up?

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No issues so far - maybe done about 75-100 miles - some trail and some pavement.