Mini Remote Case Mod

I have designed a new mini remote case, this has the same components to build as the Avio remote.



  • Small
  • USB Charge
  • Battery Indicator
  • More Travel
  • Wrist Lanyard


Lipo Battery Max Size 30X35mm

Charger Board could probably use TP4056A also

Voltage Reg

You will also need a donor remote and will need to remove the steering wheel pot. you may also want to re-solder the connections to the trigger to make it neater.

There are 2 version of the remote, a mini and a tiny, the tiny does have both the pots showing through the top

I have been printing in PETG.

This is a work in progress, there are probably going to be problems, so feedback is appreciated.

STL files here:

Thanks to @jaatis for sharing his files.


i have a thumbwheel version based on @jaatis thumb wheel.

Thumb1 Thumb2


What itch did you have that AVIO remote wasn’t scratching?

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I just like to design things :slight_smile:

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Maybe you could show us a few photos comparing your design to the AVIO? Just so that people get the idea what’s different. I’m sure the ergonomics are different and it’s always nice to have options.

image image image

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Open case and save screws:


Snip Snip


Snip the steering wheel pot wires


Keep these 2 screws


Bend this crystal the other way to make room for the battery - you may have to heat up the hot glue


snip the plastic between the pins on the reg

IMG_9520 IMG_9521

de-solder the pins

IMG_9522 IMG_9523 IMG_9524

Solder to the output and gnd that goes to the board


Solder both ways from the input and ground - solder the lipo metre board - snip the LED of the reg and headshrink


Solder the battery wires to the charger board


Solder the other last pair of wires to the battery pads on the charger board - have fun with that one


Snip down the throttle about this much - and also the spring lever - once you do this, there is no turning back.



IMG_9534 IMG_9535 IMG_9536 IMG_9537

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Where can i find these files?

Hey, sorry about the delayed response, im working on a new design as i was not 100% happy with the current, i would like to make it much thinner by re-designing the thumb wheel. should be done in a couple of weeks.


Any update with the thumb version? Looks pretty good.