MINI remote control for 30€ - can this work?

Hi guys. There is someone i know with a china made electric skateboard. It doen’t work well anymore after a few months he bought it. The Remote and receiver seems to work. It looks a really nice remote and i woul like to use it, and he ask me 30€ for it. Can i make it work with a regular rc car ESC ? The receiver is the one circled in red Thanks!

That is a land wheel controller and electric skateboard unit. While they have been known to stand by and revise their products, so far every single version has had problems in one way or another. I would not trust them yet if I were you - go with something that people know is reliable, like the GT2B

I don’t own one of these units and it’s hard to tell just by looking at these blurry pictures.

But as you can see there are three circuid paths going from the PCB to the connector, to make it work with your ESC these paths would have to be ground, +voltage, and signal. The left one seems to be ground. If you have a multimeter, try to read the voltage between the left and the middle pin, it should give you 4.8 Volts. If it does you can connect the receiver to your ESC and give it a try.

But as anorak234 mentioned I’d recommend to use a more common receiver as they cost about the same.

I understand! I really liked this little remote, so little to go in the pocket, but i will go for one more used and well known! Thanks for saving me 30€ :slight_smile: