Mini remote mod

Did a little simple rough mod to my mini remote. Removed wheel with 1 screw. Sanded off the protruding bits either side. Filled the hollow bits then sanded and flashed over some black paint. Simples.

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hah nice to see someone putting in the work to remove the ‘knob’ which is left after removing steering wheel…

I would have used the square space on left side maybe for a sticker or something :smiley: but smoothing out that side might give more aesthetic look, indeed.

Nice clean job

What kind of filler did you use, and when you painted it did you paint the entire thing or just the filler? I’m asking as the paint looks very even.

I used upol easy sand. Polyester car body filler. Just painted the top. Must be a trick of the light, it ain’t all that. Purely functional! I did rough up the smooth surfaces for it to stick to though.

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I’m planing to add a lipo battery with voltage regulator and tp4056 micro usb charging module :smiley:

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Actually the wheel is really great for cruise control if you have a dual drive with VESC. You can also have 2 cruise modes (with brake and without brake). Just use your middle finger for the trigger and the triggerfinger for the wheel. Cruise is possible then with my firmware mod and is really nice for carving when you use the function without brake.

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I know that this page is about modding but I have a problem with the remote and i hope that someone can help. I’m using it with HobbyKing Blueseries 6s 70A ESC. When the throttle is in normal position, the board is breaking and i can’t move, so if a let off throttle at the high speed it will brake really hard. I was adjusting the trim on the remote and nothing helped.

The ESC is programmable (This is a pricture of the same programing card from the web)

My settings; lipo, rpm off, soft start, brake is on, auto timing, cut off voltage 3.2V, cut off power; reduce

This page here might help?

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Thank you!

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