Mini remote or remote needed ASAP

Hey guys, need a remote ASAP, have an upcoming group ride I the 25th and no company will ship fast enough. Need someone in US send 2 day priority mail

@thisguyhere has some, maybe he can expedite it.

Would be faster to ship from Cali to Cali anyways.

:thinking::thinking: no company? Ahem


I have a remote but the reciever is toast. Maybe someone has a spare reciever?

@psychotiller has minis and is in California


Since @JLabs couldn’t be kind enough to link to the remote itself… jerk


5 pages in. Put the remotes on the first Paige lol also when y’all gonna have some new W2s

There’s a remote category :wink: no plans to restock the W2

The mini remote I buy for 12€ each here in China :joy:

Waters wet lol

Will it come in 2 days?

It should I’d you pick Priority Mail at checkout, but I can’t guarantee anything. I’m going to be shipping stuff in 20 mins of you want it to go out today

Would the mini remotes receiver work with the nano remote?

Not sure just yet, I’m pretty sure someone in SD has an extra remote

Also not ready to pay 35 bucks for a mini remote lol, anyone got a used one then?

I have a flipsky nano remote i can sell for $40 shipped. I can have it in the mail this afternoon if you want.

Its brand new btw

Lol. I want something in a very short time but for little as possible.


$60 https:///collections/remote-controller/products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-mini-remote-controller


$20 shipped from California

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Just go pick it up at Dave’s

I’m in San Diego and have an extra Mini Remote brand new with Receiver and bind plug. $18 local pick up tomorrow.


Sounds like a deal @Namasaki, where are you located, I’m in 4s ranch