Mini Remote Pcb + rx (2 of them + Extras)

I have a couple of mini remote innards from back when I was creating a 3d printed case for them. but since they needed so much extra parts and werent really as mini as they seem I moved to a full custom remote pcb.

Anyways I have 2 pretty much new pcbs from @Michaelinvegas old group buy.

They cost me $70 back then, but they have dropped in price since then… one has an extra pcb with attiny85 “volt meter” and ready for li ion with mcp1700 regulator. the other just has the power switched removed for external power control.

if you take both I will include whatever 3d printed case I started, and maybe the source files if you’re cool.

I need to get rid of them so I can focus on the full custom control system :wink:

So I have a mini remote but some how my vesc is recognizing the wheel as throttle and the trigger as nothing? Anyone have this happen before and how should I fix it (besides flipping the wires cause that requires accurate soldering and im not that good)? Thanks, Scott

Make sure the PPM cable is in channel 2, sounds like you have it in 1 or 3.

Yup that did it thanks a lot!!

that was off topic… if someone doesn’t take these the secret santa will not be so secret :joy: