Mini Remote Upgrade

Hey I zoomed in on your gutshots. Your voltmeter has a pot on the pcb, which I bet is for adjusting voltage offset. My voltmeters have a resistor instead.

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Thanks for that you are absolutley right re calibration pot on back of these mini displays! need a magnifying glass to see it and a bees dick size screwdriver to adjust pot but it does change displayed voltage Cheers

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NIce work! @SkaterBoy58 & @ervinelin

@SkaterBoy58, did you simply remove original power switch and direct solder the positive lead somewhere in that location? Ive got everything wired up and it works, just left original switch on, but id like to remove that thing for peace of mind

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left it in on position then cut off plastic toggle and hot glue over old switch hole cheers

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do you guys want to make tutorials for those mods? I’m interested in getting the mini, but the only thing I don’t like about it is that you can’t recharge it.

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This is DIY, just look at what we did and take inspiration :wink:











I can say that 2200mAh is way overkill and I’ve only recharged this one once in 13 months (despite heavy usage) so you could even use a 100mAh if you wanted to, without issue.

Also never use glue. Ever. Use JB Weld or another kind of epoxy and follow the directions exactly.


So if i understand correct you just need to place a diode in front of the rf remotes board to not fry it with 4.2v? Wiil any kind of diode work? How is that charger/protector working out? Cut of voltage good/safe?

I didn’t even use a diode, I just drive it directly on 3.0V to 4.2V from the lithium-ion cell. I’ve been using it for 18 months almost daily.

“Because it worked for me” generally does NOT ever equate to “it’s safe to do”. (as evidenced by people running 12S and 13S on VESC hardware) But I don’t personally think it’s a problem at all. But, I also have no schematic or proof of that.

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This is going in my vernacular.

ditto this. Been using a 14500 battery from 4.2v downwards. no problems

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I found that a 14650 or an 18500 both fit (as well as a 14500) but an 18650 does NOT fit inside a Mini Remote unless you remove support pieces that you really don’t want to remove.

fairly common Aussie slang term for 2/5 of 5/8 of FA

So 4.2v should be good or do you need a stepdown like this? image

I personally would not use a stepdown, just straight 4.2V.

Also, be aware that a single 18500 li-ion cell lasts so ridiculously long in a Mini Remote, that it will very rarely be running at 4.2V. Maybe once when you charge it, then a year or two later when you need to charge it again.

Yea but im gonna use a 1s 750mah lipo…

It will last so long…

way longer than 750 milliattohours

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Yea but ist kinda big, i wanna make a new design and print it, so wanna make it really compact. Whats the capacity of the cell you have?

I modded one with a Panasonic NCR18500A (2000mAh) and it’s overkill by about 5 times or more.


But then my other 6 Mini Remotes I just use as-is because the mods weren’t worth it – they really didn’t make the remote any better.

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Doesnt it suck to use AA batterys?