Mini Remote - Where to buy?

I keep finding old threads from group buys but all over a year old at this point. I can’t find a normal ‘seller’ so I went to eBay and found these listings:

Are these the correct remote? $18 for a reliable and small remote sounds fantastic… I thought they went for $30+! If these are just ‘junk’, where else should I look?


These come from China without shipping and customs and delivery. Buy one and you will see it summs up to the 30$+ region :wink:

Says free shipping to the US (unsure about Europe and elsewhere) - that is why I was very confused. I assumed a $10 shipping charge but it doesn’t look that way…

Is this the right remote? Just don’t want to spend the few bucks if it is totally wrong…

Its the same remote, I have 2 of them. It takes about a month to get them. I’m not really all that fond of them. They work great, no drop outs, pretty solid. They are just too big and I like thumb control.

These come pre tested and are extremely reliable.

PM me for $5 off shipping


See here for sources:

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Thanks for the sources - glad I got a couple more places to keep track of!

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See here for Maytech thumb remote and receiver

lol I’ve bought one of those $18 remote…

It works just like any other…just takes a long time to get them…a loooooong time

really glad to see someone testing remotes… troubleshooting will be easier this way

mine was $18 but like Michael said it took a while to get here

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I have no problem waiting. I have an HB2K right now and once my board comes together in the next few weeks I can do a few test rides with that then swap over for the mini in time.

Where can I get just the receiver for this thing? My receiver died on mine. Can I use gt2b receivers or vice versa?

Not sure if anyone else here sells them, but saw two listings on ebay -

I believe you can use any 2.4ghz receiver, you just have to pair it with the controller.

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It depends to some degree on the brand of the receiver and controller as well, they don’t all have the same protocols supported (particularly true with quadcopter stuff but pretty sure the same applies to these controllers, the “binding” is picking either a common identifier and/or a common channel offset from the 2.4GHz base frequency for doing the communication, also the particular data sent over the wireless connection can vary, it’s basically just a serial stream)