Mini Remotes - $30 US shipped - Bound and tested

I recently picked up a bunch of mini remotes online, and I have 10 to sell. I’ve bound each one to its receiver and tested each one with a servo. A bind plug and instruction manual will be included. AA batteries not included.

I’m selling them for $35 shipped within the US. If you are outside the US and want one, we can work out the shipping cost.

If you would like to buy a remote, please let me know below and I will PM you.

How much would it cost to have it shipped to Europe?

I have such a remote (germany) which i would could sell you? @markyoe sorry for hijacking this thread… i should have made a pm…

Sent you a PM.

sent you a pm

2 sold, so 8 remaining.

Hi, I’d like to buy two of them. Can you PM me your paypal or whatever? thanks

4 sold, 6 left

Got my two quickly, thanks !!!

Got mine today too. Fast shipping. Good seller. Thanks!

Sent you a PM

6 sold, 4 left.

Very very cooperative i live in the uk so hard to transfer the money due to my age and not having paypal hopefully will receive the controller soon. Thankyou very much

7 sold, 3 left.

Price drop to $30 shipped within the US.

I’m interested in buying one. Though I’m new and I don’t know to pm people.

Sent you a PM!

I’ll take 2, let me know

Sent you a PM!

I’ll take one if you have any left