Minimal Compromise Battery Setup?

I’ll check the discharge ability but I remember it was pretty high and they have way more life cycles. Comparing the cost vs energy expendable over the cell’s life iron wins. Heavier n bigger. But the screw tabbed headway red cells I want

Just 10 continuous and 20 peak amps

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Lol as long as I can get 24Ah 12s under my board I’m open. Definitely possible with Liion, you know of a good vendor for LiFePO4s in EU?

But I’ve never had them and 20 peak it says.

Man, I really should check em out! 8Ah and 10C per cell? A 12S3P pack would do wonderfully! If expense and mass are the only significant downsides to these things then I need to sign up!

Also, on a separate note, did some top speed testing, I hit 30mph and could have gone quite a bit faster but had a car come onto the road so had to slow down and tail it (15m back :smile: ).

Ok let’s analyse your ride a bit and bring some light to the the continuous amps we use.

On the left side marked in red it shows the average amps when when the battery is really used. So when you just coast (no throttle and no brake) it won’t be counted. In this case you used 16A of your battery.

But the more realistic value is the one on the right. It shows the average amp use while you are moving. So also coasting is taken into account. And in this case you only draw 9.8A from your battery on average. So instead of 60A continuous (guessed you have 20A Li-ion cells x 3P) you only used 1/6 of that (17%). So they won’t get hot and they will perform much better than 60% capacity left after 250 cycles. And you won’t discharge them completely which gives you more lifetime and mostly you won’t charge it with a standard charger to exactly 4.2V a cell. In most cases it is a bit lower (like 4.16 a cell) which gives you also more lifetime.

And why don’t we hear here in the forum that a li-ion battery pack exceeded it’s max cycles. Most of the times the BMS failed or nickel strips came loose.


Thanks for the insight.

So even at 60% max cont. discharge (which I’d imagine is a cautious number) I’d still have enough amps on a 12S8P pack. Moreso if I stick to a 4.1V-3.6V range.

The downsides seem almost negligible in this case but I’m still tempted by LiFePO4s for extra life. I don’t mind extra weight since I’m about 105kg with my gear on so hauling an extra 5kg won’t be too taxing.