Miniproto2 | DIY 2. Time | Taste? Deck | 6368 190Kv | Dual Drive | 10S?P | Vesc 4. 2

Okay i have decided to build a board with Belt Drives. Nothing new so far… :yum: For me not just riding gives me enjoyment more building the Product. So im still processing in Composites, Mechanics and Electronics.

So far i have made a Glassfiber mold and the case for the battery tray from Carbon Fiber.


Besides that im building my own Motor Holders with CNC.


Well that’s it for the Moment i have also a K-Weld so the Battery’s will be weld be me. So it is going to be 18650 cells. With Bluetooth BMS to check out what’s going on.

Hoping to finish the Skateboard within this month.

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Sofar: Welding Sony VTC5A. Making a Battery tray from green Carbon Glas. Setting-up the drives.

IMG_20190629_195400 IMG_20190629_205819

However im not sure if i should move the motors with longer belts towards the Deck.

Very nice battery tray there, going to be wanting to do something similar soon. How do you get the corners so neat? Just lay a single sheet and it forms OK, or do you cut and fold around?

Well i would use Vacuum pump if you got the Mold already. Or better infusion technology… Yeah i would cut the Fiber a bit. Im planning to do a small series of Carbon-Glas Fiber trays for sale.

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