Minor VESC issue

Hi guys,

I am using two (most likely identical) Enertion 4.12 VESC’s in my dual motor setup. I have set up the VESC’s according to the recommendations given for a setup identical to mine. All works brilliant and I have already used the board for a couple of km’s.

Here is the thing. Both VESC’s coming out of the same batch, one of them lights up a blue LED after that three red flashes and the other one lights up a red LED. Not sure why the VESC’s behave different??? Should I worry that the red LED VESC will sooner or later fall apart???


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Can you post some picture? Is the blue and the red on the same position on each vesc?

I’m taking a guess but could it be because one is master and the other is slave?

Will post some picture this afternoon. I have never changed the configuration and both are not connected via canbus.

How are they connected? PPM?

Here we go. Bit hard to see but VESC 1 only lights up just the blue LED and VESC 2 lights up both. I set up the VESCs individually and had this issue since they came out of the package. In the dual setup I split the RX signal.

You should use CAN communication between your VESC instead of Y RX cable. :wink:

Anyway, connect the VESC which has the red led to BLDC Tool, go to Terminal tab and type FAULT. You’ll see if there is something going wrong.

Can you take a more clear picture (specially), but it seem like it just a mistake in the LED placement from the manufacturer, nothing to worry about.