Misc. Bundle Packages to help complete a DIY build

So I’ve been slowly accumulating parts for my build over the past year or so, but that is mainly just the main things people think of. Deck, trucks, wheels, battery, bms, ESC’s, enclosure. However, like the thread https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/these-items-should-be-in-the-drawer-of-any-esk8-builder/53066/129, it is quite obvious that many more little items are necessary to put everything together, be it electric, or structural. So I was wondering if any vendor on the forum would be willing to put together a sort of bundle package that covers all these little things, so that for instance, if you find you need 2 xt-90s, you don’t have to buy a 10 pack when you only need two, and you don’t have to pay the equivalent of a 10 pack, for just 2.

So if someone would be willing to put together some bundles like this, I for one would definitely buy a few, and I’m sure many others would as well.

Personally, I’m thinking a bundle with like:

-10 ft each red and black cable for battery balancing wires. (18-20 gauge awg wire?) -5 ft each red and black cable from the battery to the BMS and to the ESC’s, anti - spark, etc… (8-10 gauge awg write) -neoprene padding for battery and electrics -xt-90s, xt-60’s etc… -truck mounting bolts and screws, etc… -enclosure mounting items, different ways of doing this, I guess it could be optional what type? -Water proofing gaskets around the enclosure -Different types of mounting grommets and other similar things for running cables through the enclosure to the motors, etc… -Kapton -Shrinking cable covers

And I’m sure there is many other things in addition to this, as I’ve yet to complete my build, so I haven’t gotten to everything myself yet, but I think this is a good example of what I’m getting at.

I’d really like to know if anyone else has suggestions on what would be a good addition to this, and would love to know if any vendors here would be interested in setting up a DIY Misc. Bundle Kit! Thanks for all shared input and help!


I like having the extra parts for eventual repairs and there’s always gonna be a next build lol.

It would be tedious amount of work to put these kits together, and I’m not sure there’s much potential for profit or even compensation of time…
Would defently be nice to jyst buy a kit of all the things you need, but I’d probably still order from China to save pennys.

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I don’t mean like a 100% specific and accurate to each person bundle, but like a kit with things that nearly everyone would end up needing on a build every time. That way you don’t have to pay shipping like 12 different times for something that costs less than shipping. Not everyone is going to build multiple builds. This would make it all the easier for those who are on their first, and if they want to build another then they’ll at least have an idea of what to order more specifically next time.

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No I understand. I probably would have gotten a kit if it was available when I was first making my list for this board. It would just be very tedious to put the kit together and you have to keep the kit price low so you’re not charging a 500% markup otherwise you just won’t sell it and it’s already a small consumer base.

Well personally I’d pay a decent mark up for the convenience, and knowing it’d be saving me for the one time shipping :smile: That’s my preference at least, lol.

Most of the guys like @psychotiller and @longhairedboy that build boards are so cool I bet if you asked them to tossing a few things for assembling a board when you bought a reasonably priced items from them, they wouldn’t mind for a small charge.

For as much time as it took to write that post, you could have sourced the things you seek.

Not everything is handed on a silver platter. Let me know what you want, I will send you all that for 500x mark up snd it still would hardly be worth the time.

These things are reasonably priced and readily available.

Putting together kits like that is unreasonable. To make use of much of it you would need other tools (soldering iron, heat gun, myriad of other stuff), likely if you have these tools, you would have the expendables ?

I mean, 2 xt90s? Just buy a damn pack and use them for other projects or other boards if DIY is something you want to do. 25ft of silicone wire is cheap AF even on Amazon prime.

Lets not make things too easy…

Maybe get something from a one off builder if DIY ain’t your jam.

“This isn’t Amazon” -mmanner

“This isn’t an erector set” -me


Yeah I already have a set of 10 xt90’s, but only need a couple, and yes I understand that wire is cheap AF. I made the post as a possible idea for something that might help out the newer builders especially. I don’t really mind buying all the little extra things I need, it just gets annoying when you are forced to buy in bulk on so many of the things you need which adds up, and also almost every item that has to be shipped costs more in shipping then the items. Just for example, I had purchased the spot welder that’s sold on the forum, and planned on making the additions to it for cooling. So I spent a few hours finding the exact parts that would perfectly work and fit, like heat sinks, two mini fans, the adapters and other plugs, silicon adhesive, and some other stuff, and I ended up saying Fuck it cause although it was only like an extra $40 or so, it came out to almost $80 after shipping was applied. So that nice and convenient little $80 welder, plus it’s T-12 Hakko soldering iron plus shipping, plus the extra stuff too cool it with was going to cost me nearly $200, and that was still before I’d even purchased a Lipo for it!

I feel that may have got off subject… Lol. Ok well if this is such a tedious thing to put together then I’ll let it be. I just thought it’d be helpful for some…


Maybe… that spot welder would make its money back on ONE well put together pack. Make 2 and you are in the money.

I have made 3, going on 4 battery packs on my welder and if it died right now it has already ssved me $100’s and I’ve learned a lot…

To each their own… this is a DIY forum after all.

It’s late, just my thoughts, sorry if it comes across dickish. I just re read my first post and while I stand by it… I may have came across a bit overzealous, my bad.


All good bro. That is actually a very very good point regarding the battery, as I find the cost of buying battery packs from others to be the most over priced, highest marked up item in all of Esk8, and for me, just one battery built would pay for itself, lol. I’ve ranted about that subject many times, haha.

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Ok, @Sender is in for a forehead tattoo, who else is ready :grin:


It may not help with the shipping issue but the things I had extra of that I didn’t need I traded to other people for things that I did.


Lol I just read that reply from you in the America vs the world in Esk8 products quality. :smile:

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Good point.

Yeah I’m definitely thinking about getting a spot welder for making my own battery packs. I’m happy with what I’m getting and what I paid getting one from @psychotiller for my first build. But I’m pretty much the only person in this town I’ve seen on an electric skateboard. I’m trying to get some friends into it but the price is definitely intimidating. So I’m hoping if I make some battery packs for bare minimum pricing I might be able to get a community going here.

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I’ll honestly probably try to make a few budget boards and just keeping them on hand to sell to people on the cheap. At least every other day I ride my Riptide I get offered money for it. I’m sure that’ll just increase when I have my badass DIY build.

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That’s a great idea. I just never understood paying like $850 for a 12s5p pack of 30Q’s when I could buy they cells, bms, charger, and the little things for like $300, $350 tops. Yeah it’s dangerous AF if you get it wrong, so do a shit ton of research, so a few test welds and other stuff, triple check everything, be MATICULOUS AF, and you’ll probably do fine. I can’t stand the fear of God some try and put into you about battery fires. Like I get it, they are very serious and are not to be taken lightly. So if you can’t get serious about building a battery with the most stringent of assembly precautions taken, don’t, but if you can, well I think it’s just another part of DIY that would be a great skill to learn and improve upon.

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I hadn’t considered that. I was thinking of just my build, but if that happens to me, yeah I’d definitely make some extra builds in in my spare time.

For me I didn’t have much of a choice between g building or buying a battery. I live in a very small downtown 1 bedroom apartment with my wife our pets and a newborn. I pretty much have to work on skateboard stuff on the kitchen table when nobody else is awake so building a battery was out of the question. I just recently had a friend offered me a small corner of shop space for such a thing tho.


Yeah the space issue is a big deal when you don’t have it… That’s pretty awesome your friend hooking up that work space though! Buy him a beer! :smile:

Though that’s also kinda part of my point with this thread. All these things take up space, let alone a spot to build it. Some people just don’t want to have a box full of misc Esk8 stuff if there only building one.

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