Miscellaneous Parts

What miscellaneous parts should I have/stock up on?

I live in the part of the world where most of the stuff I need for a build is either, not available here, or it’s available but with prices marked up by 5000%. Ordering stuff online is the way to go.

Now the problems with ordering items overseas are: shipping can be very expensive, and/or delivery takes a long time. That’s why I want to order everything in one go, consolidate shipping to save some money especially items from US source. And order extras for each item for stock purposes to save me some waiting time.

So aside from the major parts, what other miscellaneous parts should I stock up in. (wires - what gauges? screws, nuts, bolts, xt90, bullet connectors, glue, etc)

Are you building the battery yourself or…? If so you need all of the above you already said plus shringtubes, fishpaper, charging port, screw inserts, velcro(?), double sided tape is always good to have, some sort of foam for dempening, rubber around enclosure, risers, bearings. Somebody else got something that i forgot?

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@rok not right now, not yet… maybe in the future once I get the whole concept of “how to not set your house on fire when building batteries”

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XT90 Antispark, Screws, shrink tube, XT60, Cable 6mm^2, 2mm^2 and 0.5mm^2, zipties, foamtape, maybe some hotglue, soldering iron, pb-tin, bullet connectors 4mm, JST plugs for sensored motors, charging port, gasket maker, and then those things for batterys if building yourself.

if you need a battery, tell me

Is there a reason for the size of the bullet connectors? Why 4mm and not 3.5 or 5?

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Well, if you told us about your setup or your build, there would be a more precise answer.

The average amp rating of 4mm bullet connectors is about 80A

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5mm are ugly and bulky AF 3.5mm little small for 12awg wire. 4mm is just perfect.

But don’t buy those ”banana” connectors.

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I wanted to know like, general information, how the determine what size bullet connectors to use. And yeah it makes sense based on amp rating as you say. I was thinking there was a standard of some sort but now I know it depends on you and your build. Thanks! :+1:

Banana connectors? Ooops! Almost made that mistake. Removed from cart

While ago 5.5mm was “standard” but most of the people have finally realised that those aren’t necessary. Quality 4mm is more than enough. I use those polymax’s. Can’t say how quality they are but works perfect.

And for wire 10 or 12 awg. I use 12 in my dual, but if u use longer wires and make single I would prefer 10awg.

BANANA: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/4mm-gold-connectors-10-pairs-20pc.html?___store=en_us


why not these “banana” ones? had never a problem with those…

Less contact area and loose fit. I used those in my first build, but just to be sure I use those last ones nowadays

yeah sure but the banana ones are rated as 80 amps, too.

the loose fit i never noticed

where are you from?

New Zealand

yah thats pretty hard - the cost of a beautiful country :wink:

Try to get your stuff from australian people :+1:

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Plan to complete an mtb build and go around the country with it in tow :grinning:

Sounds good :slight_smile: I´ll let you know when i visit NZ in the next few years :smiley: