Missing Grub Screws for Enertion Mounts - RE: Group Buy

If your were apart of this group buy for mounts…

Are you missing the Grub screws to the mount?

  • YES - I’m missing the grub screw
  • NO - Grub Screws are there

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@themegak and I noticed I didn’t have grubs screws as well…Anyone else?

I had no idea I was missing anything. Is it required?

My mount seems fine without it.

I never use them either … I think they are useless lol but hey the holes are there lol

But he noticed

On my mount one of the grub screw had its head stripped so I was like - whatever, this doesn’t matter. The mount would come loose after about 15-20 miles - it was a real pain in the ass and I kept having to re-adjust the mount, clean the screws and reapply loctite. This was especially the case if I braked hard. I’m heavier and using a monodrive so that may put additional stress on the mount.

I ended up drilling out the grub and just buying a new grub from Home Depot. The mount hasn’t needed shifted since I put in the new screw and it’s been around a week and a half of commuting for me so around 60-70 miles so far. Hopefully it stays that way.

@carl.1 give us our grub screws or else!

Mine didn’t come with grub screws but no worries, if I need them I’ll just go to the hardware store and get some. Problem solved. Doesn’t look like they’ll be necessary anyway.

Wouldn’t a regular machine screw be better?

Anyone know the diameter?

I was gonna maybe stop at Home Depot to go see what I could find…

I like using the grub screw because without it I am basically relying on tension to hold my motor on the hanger. drilling a little notch into the hanger and lock tightening the grub screw into that makes me feel a lot more secure about the mount. if anyone finds out what the diameter of grub hole is please let us know as I can’t see enertion sending us grub screws anytime soon. Just frustrated because I purchased two of these mounts and have to go hunting for grub screws. SMH… Thanks @michaelinvegas for starting this thread, appreciate it. I’m sure someone will post a solution soon.

the grub screw is not required for caliber trucks…

The ones that worked for me were M4 - .7 x 12MM

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Thanks. If my mount starts to shift around I’ll just add these.

Honestly the two main bolts are enough as long as theres thread locker and cranked down enough…

Always check your newly installed mount bolts before and after every ride … If you do find them loose, re-apply more thread locker and tighten them a little harder …

I always let the truck sit overnight after I thread lock them…so it dries …

That’s what I do

What trucks are they required for?

any truck that isnt caliber or enertion

…the original purpose of the set screws was so that people could have a mechanical means of securing the mount onto other various trucks… specifically rounded hangers.

the 2nd purpose for the tapped holes is for mounting accessories, like lights etc…

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@onloop [quote=“onloop, post:15, topic:8388”] like lights [/quote]

you’ve just open a door for @Michaelinvegas

Hahahhaha too funny

Hey what size are those motor mount screws they directly attach to the mounting plate please