Mission Accomplished: VBC first Sunset Ride

Just got back from the first sunset ride on the Venice Beach Cruiser (VBC). This ride was exactly what I built the board for.

I learned a few things: -50a Motor Regen is too much braking power for my single motor. Either that or it’s going to take some getting used to with this touchy ass winning remote. I’ll play with it over the next few days. I hit the brakes while doing about 15 on traffic. crappy pavement and hard braking are no Bueno. I later experienced belt skipping under heavy braking. Thanks @jinra for the insight on this though. Helpful. I’ll continue playing with that setting.

-road surface: holy Christ does this make a difference. All my test rides have been on flawless pavement around my hood. This journey had some seriously hood road conditions. Definitely impedes your ability to move fast. As a result the ride when a bit longer than i anticipated and my legs were toast.

  • I experienced remote cut out once the whole ride. Not sure if it was the remote or the vesc really. I was going fairly slowly up a little incline then accidentally rammed the throttle. I lost connection entirely and then when it came back the board braked hard. I was only going about 5mph so no biggie but it definitely gave me a scare. I think the issue is really the sensitivity of the remote that cause the whole thing. Either that or the fact I was near a busy road and maybe there was interference. Will continue to evaluate.

The ride was nearly 15mi and I still have 25% battery left on my SCP3. It’s brand new & only 2 cycles old but I’m pretty happy with that. Makes me think I’ll be good for long rides like this for a long time :slight_smile:

Here’s a route map:

Last- I used run keeper for this ride but I don’t think it polls GPS frequently enough to give me a true top speed. The graph shows 15mph as my max but I know I was doing a solid 25 at one point coming down hill back from the beach. Anyone have a good tracking app with better Speed accuracy for iOS?

Thanks all


Try turning on the board and remote, then turn off the remote and see if the board is braking. If it is, you have to reset throttle neutral by rebinding.

yeah- i do a fail-safe check before every ride per @longhairedboy suggestion. It just coasts. It coasted for a few seconds when i lost control. I was thumbing up and down during that no response time so maybe the first command the reciever grabbed was a “full brake” and thats why the board stopped dead. I had already stepped off it at that point so it’s hard to quantify. I’ll continue to monitor and keep doing the fail-safe before every long ride just in case :wink:

Oh I see, yea that’s what made me stop using the winning remote.

keep us posted on that remote you’re using. I’m def interested. I’d like to buy it from you since you’ve been such a great resource during my build up dude!

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dude you went right past my house! I’m just north of venice & centinela!

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Strava or Map My Ride are good options. @longhairedboy and I are on map my ride but I am also on strava. Haven’t tested them with my eboard yet but use them a bit for road cycling.

Here is what I am using. Free version doesnt give you mapping, the paid version does a lot.