Mixed Car ESCs for dual drive

I want to upgrade my pneumatics build with a second motor. The 150A HK ESC that I already have however is not available anymore at the EU warehouse so I need to order a different one. Can I use any other ESC or should I pay attention to getting the same brand or something? There is a 120A version of my ESC. Is that the best option in that case? There is also the trackstar one on sale right now: https://hobbyking.com/de_de/trackstar-150a-genii-1-8th-scale-sensored-brushless-car-esc-pc-programmable.html

Any dual drivers that can give me a hint? @lowGuido @barajabali

I would make sure to get the same esc for both motors. Every esc will drive differently and most importantly, brake differently.

I have 2 sensored 12s 120amp esc up for sale if you want them. Directly from fvt

I dont think it is super important to keep them the same. It should still work fine.

I would not mix different ones. Maybe if they have the same firmware.

better use same ones. Even the xcar beast 150A behaves different than the 120A.

Sure but does it really matter? @lowGuido even rides an uneven dual drive (meaning two different kv motors) with therefor completely different characteristics and it works fine. It is obviously better but do people have actual experience with differing ESCs? And I don’t mean like huge ESC differences like a Heli and Car ESC but minor ones like the 120 and 150A version of the same one.

the problem is, that you might get some trouble if you have a dual setup on one axle, so one motor spins different than the other and does some weird things. If you go diagonal, you won´t have any trouble because you have the mighty brake and acceleration force on two axles.

was planning on going diagonal anyway - I have a Sk3 149kv - no way I can fit two of them on one caliber truck :wink:

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Alright! Should be fine then :wink: If possible take the smaller version of you current ESC to match them as close as possible.

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I’ve used a few different 6s car escs. It will definitely work, but the brakes might be annoying. I’ve noticed that braking on different ESCs is vastly different. So getting them to both brake at the same time/progressiveness might be challenging if not impossible.

It will be fine. Diagonal or not. Dont worry.