Mjolnir | 39.8" Drop Down Lichtenberg Burned Deck | Enertion R-Spec Hub Kit | 12S Graphene Lipo | Unity |

Hey everyone I know I’m doing this is a bit out of order but I thought I’d go ahead show what I was able to do for my first build thanks to all of the information on this forum. I came from a Wowgo 2 that was dying quickly so I wanted to build something that blew it out of the water.

For this build, I wanted two things, 1. I wanted it to be powerful enough so that I never get bored of it 2. I wanted it to be truly unique in some way.

First came power: After realizing that if I wanted to pull 100+ amps I would need a 5p or more battery I decided to go for a lipo setup. Graphine lipos would offer more power than my bored would ever need and they last nearly twice as long as normal ones so I opted for Turnigy’s Panther Graphine Lipos20190508_175835

For the motors, I had previously really liked how quiet and stealthy my wowgo was so I had to have DD. I decided to go with Enertion’s unity and R-Spec bundle as it would be able to handle the serious amps I wanted. 20190508_175826

Next was the deck: I knew I needed something low and stable enough for all that speed so I opted for a 1.5" drop-down blank Moose Deck. I had recently just gotten done with a vinyl record wall where I used a microwave transformer to burn Lichtenburg Fractal patterns into it and decided “hell why not”. The deck was huge so it was a great surface for the burn. 20190406_135951 You don’t have much control over the direction of the burn so this is what I ended up with.

I decided to will up the burn marks with white colored epoxy and finish with a clear coat.20190409_130953 20190408_162206 In the spirit of the electric boar concept, I also opted to mix the white dye with a glow-in-the-dark blue one 20190413_151816
This process took quite a while and a shit ton of sanding but I was eventually able to get it to a pretty glossy finish. Surprisingly enough, the epoxy fill actually made the deck more ridged than it was before.

After I modifided my psychotiller enclosure to better fit the curvature of the deck and added a 12s discharge bypassed BMS I was nearly ready to go. I quickly realized though I was going to need a way to deal with all the heat I was generating for both my hubs and the Unity. I had an old Unity’s top heat sink from a prior incident lying around and I liked it’s low profile and graphics so incorporated it into the enclosure. 20190508_22320320190508_174838 In conjuction with some MX-5 thermal grease it is more than enough to keep the unity cool. I also applied the same grease to the hub’s thermal pipe, truck top plate various other points and it seams to opperate around 6 to 10 C cooler

Overall I am extremely happy with is build. It has more power than I know what to do with and probably will forever. I’ve been riding it for a few weeks now and its amazing how much I was missing with a china board. 20190508_174629 20190508_174648 20190508_174153 20190411_210203 My craftmanship in a few places is a bit lacking but I’m taking it as a learning process for possible future builds. Thanks to everyone that unknowingly inspired aspects of this build! Feel free to leave me any suggestions on what I could improve. 20190508_174426


Amazing work on the deck, :+1::+1::+1::+1: to you :slight_smile:

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Very nice build ! An Inspiration for sure

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Absolutely stunning!

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Gorgeous work

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Hi Michael, I wonder how your modificated Mellow hubs doing? Did you test them already and if yes how is the performance? Im so curious about them.

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