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Mo-Bo Electric Skateboard


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yikes, id cut my dick off before I ride that

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Damn, this just got serious

I wonder if these companies pick from a catalog or actually ask them to build to a spec ?

It looks like somebody emptied out a shit box in the shop labeled 90’s junk. And then for what ever reason decided to put it all together anyway…

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I think they keep their beers in there

sweet fuck nuggets, a SLAB, 800watt dc motor, 9AH, 70dB, and 6 hours to charge.

@delta_19 let’s hope @barajabali’s new ride don’t end up like this lol

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I think this is perfect for setting a record in tractor pulling.

Just gotta swap the battery with a diesel generator and we’re all good!

I wouldn’t mind getting hold of a broken one…a board like this and Fiick are doomed by new e-mtbs coming out…those are more versatile with the exception of the strap mechanism

I really would dread lugging this around

I bought a similar broken one recently. I opted to skate over and pick it up on my long board.
I hadn’t really factored what it would be like to carry 25 kilos of lead acid batteries under my arm pushing for 3 miles…

Oh crap…you kept the batteries?

The last month or two have been a steep learning curve. I look back on these things and laugh at my innocence. There was me thinking that it’d just need a quick fix and I’d be off. I found the forum and have seen the error of my ways…
All that is left now is the deck, trucks (with built in motor mount) and wheels with the moulded in pulley.

And the bruising on my arm has subsided enough to start letting me forget…

Haha … I think I know ur pain…youll need to mod the motor mount and get a new esc and controler

I have the same crap with my penny board mod…I’m just being lazy finishing it

I’ve got it finished… or at least as finished as it’s going to be…
The motor mount was easy enough with a dremmel and a drill.
It doesn’t have the huge offload wheels so actually seems to work pretty well.
Must put a build thread up.

I’m gonna assume it’s lighter sans the SLS batteries … Is it the wheels that are cumbersome?

The batteries were ridiculous, and the size of the enclosure. Just madness.

Beer holder :beers: