Mobile chrome login issue[solved]

Since today I cannot login with my mobile using chrome. Works fine with Firefox browser. Anyone else having this problem? Displays “unknown error” while trying to login

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I’m good bro, logged in with my phone today to upload a picture & my chrome book is ok too :thinking:

Same here. I need to click on the registration activation link i got when subscribing to this forum.

Well what the fuck. I was replying to someone here and couldn’t post what I wrote. Then I got kicked out. Cleared cache and stuff but didn’t help

Maybe Jason likes me more than you? :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

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Something tells me that’s not it! :upside_down_face:

One thing is sure tho… I’ll be super pissed off if I have to start using another browser than chrome.

Sorry if you had issues, I have forced https across entire site, It took a bit of fuckery but should be working properly now.

Its Supposedly better for security or something…


Works good now! Thanks

I had a lot of problems this morning too. I couldn’t like or post anything. I thought i was banned for being too cute but seems it was some site momentary failure. Working flawless now.


Hehe. I thought ny boss had blocked thr access to this forum because I’m kinda here all work hours…

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I have to constantly refresh the page now and sometimes it doesn’t let me hit the reply button, I’ll have to refresh a bunch of times till it works.

Yup it always been like that on mobile… As far as I can tell…

Not for me this is recent :confused: