Mobile website issues

Is it just me or is responding to comments on mobile a bitch like 90% of the time I won’t be able to click the lower third of the webpage making it impossible to reply to comments.

This only happens when commenting and something freaks out when my keyboard pops up. Doesn’t always happen though.

And the only way to fix it is enter desktop mode and send the comment that way.

Something is super fucky. Is it just me or how do you guys deal with this?

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I use the app, and this problem dosnt occur


I had no idea there was an app. Site is a$$ on my phone. Thank you

I have that same problem. Will be using the app.

iOS or android?

You are blessed this is fantastic. It should be stickied I’ve been browsing this site for a year and a bit here and never came across this lol.

Both! It’s called discourse


SAY WORD!!!There’s a God damn app!!! I haven’t closed the window on my phone since joining the site… ive completely dumped facebook for this forum and you fine folks


Haha there’s much more quality entertainment on here then Facebook and even better drama lol

The same thing was happening to me. Had no idea there was an app. Bloody year on the forum, mostly accessed from my phone. Missed that. Thanks @JLabs and thanks @strattos! P.s. you done your build yet? We should go riding soon. Edit: App keeps forcing a shutdown when trying to search the forum. Double edit: Read the link jlabs provided. Works fine.