Mobious SEMI 1~ Custom Deck~Semi Enclosure ~Airplane Legal~ Travel Build~

Enclosure came!! It looks and feels incredible, @psychotiller did an amazing job.

However, I fucked up. Measured with one of my batteries and determined that I needed 0.5 inches interior enclosure height for it to work. It does.

The other battery (picture above) is a different story though, coming in at an eighth of an inch thicker. The enclosure is a beautiful piece of work, came exactly as I ordered. My mistake was the dumbest thing too…

Measure twice, cut once. I measured 3 times, did it wrong every time.

Anyways, I’m thinking of using some kind of insulation or rubber to add the extra 1/8 inch. If that gets too expensive, a new battery is only $25. Not too bad. Any suggestions that might be cheaper?

A rubber gasket would be easy enough. Or I could make an abs gasket out of scrap for you. It could be a perfect fit that way.

I used this stuff on @psychotiller enclosure and it works great.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I took the family boat in for maintenance today and found some insulation padding that I suspected had been there for a while. Took it home, tried it out, and this could not have gone better! I will actually apply everything once the board is stained and drilled.

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Bindings and risers have arrived! ESC is on its way. This thing is finally coming together. One of my lipos went bad, whatever. I’m done with those things. Anyways here’s a few pictures

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Is the deck flat? How do you ride a flat deck? Other than that, awesome build so far.

Yes, the deck is flat. I’m currently working on a press that will hopefully change this in future decks, but for now I’m just using inserts in my shoes to not get sore

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The holidays are here all too early!


ESC arrived:

Nice and compact, even smaller than I anticipated

Soldering job is great, much better than anything I could do came with all anticipated wires, I believe its pre-programmed but the cord is here if I want to make adjustments

Ordered the charging adapter as well, and @oriol360 was kind enough to throw in a charging cord bracelet, looks and feels really nice. The quality and the soldering job on the ESC as well as the adapter is just great, beyond anything I could do. I spent months talking with oriole, figuring out what I was going to get and if it would work before I ordered. Huge thanks for the help and the quality behind every one of these items.

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Is that a Flier ESC?

Yep, sticker on the bottom’s there to prove it

How is turning on it? Is it awkward at all?

It’s actually pretty great. The angled risers help a lot with the wheelbase and I have the bindings to chip in as well. Here’s what it looks like


Thats awesome! I was thinking of doing the same thing with a solid chunk of wood. Glad to know its working out!

UPDATE: I took the bindings off in an effort to finish the electronics, and the last few parts are arriving.


Charging adapter arrived from MiamiElectricBoards and it works perfectly. Voltage meter and on/off ports are glued, I decided not to glue the banana ports because they need to be able to move around a bit. Now the only remaining challenge is getting everything to fit in there. After that I’m done.

Board is finished! Everything works perfectly so far, it’s raining outside though so no videos for now. Unless somebody wants one of my messing around in the garage :joy:.

yesssssss haha id like to check it out

@willpark16 First run today!! Went really well actually. I rode about 3 miles and the voltage went from 24.4 to 22.8 by the time I was done. At that rate I’d get around 5 miles I think (quick math), but I’d expect realistically around 4.5 miles. Best part is I have the second battery if I ever need to get my range up, but this is meant to be more of a last mile solution anyways. Three things I need to do:

  1. Change height of the bindings, they’re slightly too low
  2. Secure the ESC and wiring inside the board better - way to much rattling
  3. Invest in a camera - iPhone 5 just doesn’t cut it anymore. Any suggestions?
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Small update: installed lights and MBS wheels