Moboster: the 3200w "People Mover" that goes 3mph


Dumber than a Hoverboard.


That “stick assist” though… gotta incorporate that into a future build!


Kind of cool looking but maybe they should put handicapped or Elderly people On it at 3mph. Like to know how they get it to turn with power

Check this out. Even worse

At this speed you can walk better yourself… lol

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this thing looks reaaaally unsexy :speak_no_evil:

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but the music was cool !!!



Where do they get the funding for this kind of stuff? Even if it were a practical product, which it isnt, people still wouldnt buy it because it makes them look stupid.

There are great applications for something like this. I’d most likely use it as an rc cart to save my back. You could mount it to a baby carrier. If it had a “follow me” feature, it could be used for even more applications. I like it. I probably wouldn’t ride it that often but I like it.