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Modified E-MAX 5335 200kv - Coming Soon!

We are currently modifying these motors for eboarding. They will come with keyed shafts and coated coils. These motors will work great with a 15mm drive system, the drive shaft extends 32mm from the housing! They are rated 8-10s @ 2744 watts Actual motor dimensions are 63mm by 72mm


When you say coated coils do you mean the windings will have some type of thermal epoxy to hold them? What do you recommend? Looking for something to use
Do you really think they can only do 10s? From what I read the voltage rating of little motors isn’t truly related to the enamel’s ability to take voltage but the manufacturers figure the possible high amperage on the higher voltage with such small motors is risky, or the bearings will spin beyond their rpm limit with the higher voltage. 200kv is low and the bearings could probably do a lot more.

wow love that !! New size motor seams great and powerfull ! Dualrear posible so ?
Photo VS 63mm ou 50 mm could be cool :innocent:

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I really want a comparison of 50 to 63mm. I wont buy these just because of the small diameter but they look cool,

@Hummie They will probably handle 12s but are rated at 10s. We will be coating them with a special varnish made by Gytpal. We are hesitant to use epoxy since we may start rewinding motors. The motors come with an optional end cover that should help keep rocks and debris from entering the housing.

@Riako This is the stator size, They are big motors. Possible dual rear on a mountain board?

@NNGG These are actually 63mm by 72mm, 5335 is the stator size. Big and powerful! Great for a single motor setup or a dual diagonal.

Any estimate on price?

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Still working that out @paragon. They require some modification in order to fit the motor mounts currently available. Once we factor in all the post production work and have the process ironed out we will announce the price.

Really nice @chaka. I like that they don’t have any branding on them. Looking forward to seeing the final product and release!

Any updates? I ordered one here, but they only have 250kv

They also sell it here: for just $79 + $2 shipping to me.

You can get them for even less at agmhobby. Still working with the manufacturer to see if we can get them with a few shaft modifications.

Hi,…what advantages do coated coils have ?, does the SK3 have them?

The Sk3 series does have coated coils, they really are some of the best motors you can buy. The coating help keep the coil from vibrating and abrading, it also helps keep the coil at a uniform temp.

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